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Archive for January, 2011

We, as stutterers, love to compare ourselves with others, in fact we compare in a way that for some reason(!) “others” are always end up being SUPERIOR.

We also come up with EXCUSES (even though we know there are others who reached their speaking goals and are living the life of their dreams).

One of those most common excuses and comparison I hear is…

… I CANNOT overcome my stuttering challenge because I am a SEVERE stutterer while he/she who overcame was NOT.

How severe is YOUR stuttering? Read More→

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If you are not out of your mind 🙂 you probably already watched the 5-part FREE Video eCourse which I put together for you!

Here is a quick overview of Part-1 of the video series…

Click the below link to get your hands on…
Stuttering Dissolution 5-part FREE Video eCourse – How To Overcome Stuttering The Right Way and Speak The Way You Want To Speak In Every Situation.

authority figureMost of us PWS(people who stutter) who grew up with a speech impediment called stuttering have feared sounds, words and situations.

One of those feared situations for a lot of PWS is “speaking to authority figures”. Authority figures are but not limited to police officers, lawyers/judges, security guards, a tough looking stranger, even a family member or a professor at school who INTIMIDATES us.

For some reason, when it comes to COMMUNICATING with people who can be considered as “authority figures” we face speech difficulties.

In this article, I am going to address this specific situation and discuss what you need to do so you can manage your speech better and be able to speak to “authority figures” with EASE and CONFIDENCE. Read More→

A question which is asked by millions of people who stutter.

“How to stop stuttering?”

If you are a stutterer like myself, you probably know how
emotionally PAINFUL this challenge can get. There is no question
that stuttering is a HUGE setback for one’s life. Therefore being
able to stop stuttering, or the way I like to put it “dissolving your
stuttering iceberg” would be LIFE CHANGING both for you and for
your loved ones!

Therefore, in this video, I decided to shortly talk about and share
top 8 advices and strategies every PWS should know and follow.

Get a cup of coffee, make yourself comfortable and enjoy your video…

I received another reader email, a question, which I thought you also might benefit from since this is somewhat a common question.

Here is the question taken directly from the email…

“…All stuttering and speech therapy programs I went through mainly focus on slowing down one’s speech. Do stutterers need to reduce/decrease their rate of speech/speaking or not? Do decreasing rate of speech/speaking is an essential part of therapy to attain fluency?…
S.S from India”

By the way, I use the initials on purpose to keep the name confidential in case the reader wouldn’t feel comfortable with his name used publicly.

Anyways, here is my take on the question… Read More→

Have you heard about the movie “The King’s Speech”?

Lately, the movie is being discussed EVERYWHERE. People are talking about the movie and stuttering on TVs, on radios, on newspapers, on magazines, on the internet…everywhere!

This is great for the stuttering community… not only because it will raise stuttering awareness but also because of the fact that this movie will probably change the negative outlook to stutterers and stuttering. It may lead even you to question your perceptions and beliefs about your stuttering. The stutterer is a high status figure in the movie, which is unusual considering hundreds of movies made in this industry for years. Check out the official trailer. Read More→

OK, you finally convinced me.

Guess what I decided to share with you today?

Something I have received a lot of emails about…

Pickup lines… I mean the “pickup lines” of stuttering
dissolution process.

Your most popular requests are:
“Tell me what to do now so I can speak fluently right away” OR “Teach me TECHNIQUES/TRICKS which I can apply and IMMEDIATELY START SPEAKING FLUENTLY and smoothly”.

As a member of Stuttering Dissolution, you should already know by
now that “pickup lines” ONLY WORK if you have the RIGHT
DISSOLUTION”, to support those “pickup lines”.

However, I couldn’t resist your persistent requests and I decided to
which you can start using… well, the next time you speak! Read More→

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These 10 mistakes are so crucial that you cannot afford to miss if you
want to succeed in overcoming your stuttering challenge…

All the best,


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This video has nothing to do with stuttering, but almost
everything in this video applies to overcoming stuttering.
I know, it sounds weird.. but it’s true.

There are some really great nuggets in this video
and I think you’ll find it both inspiring and helpful.

There’s nothing being discussed about speech or stuttering …in
fact, it’s a little “weird” for this to be on a stuttering blog
but I think you’ll dig it.