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Archive for February, 2011

Stuttering - How to speak freely on the phoneSpeaking on the phone is a nightmare for a person who stutters. It is a situation which one AVOIDS at all cost.

I hated it, because I wasn’t able to do such an easy job when EVERYBODY else was doing it like a piece of cake without even thinking about it.

But, does it have to be that way?
Can you learn to speak freely with ease and confidence on the phone?

Here are 5 killer strategies which will help you speak freely on the phone. Read More→

As I promised, here is the video on Stuttering, Dating and how you can use the fact that you are a stutterer to even CREATE ATTRACTION! Enjoy;)

Speech and Language Therapy is the first and most popular stuttering therapy option for us stutterers. Unfortunately, very few of us (if any) get the results we want from those stuttering therapies.  Mostly the results end up being TEMPORARY. Here is a video which explains why and how you can avoid that… Enjoy;)

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Valentine’s Day is around the corner. So, I decided to talk about an interesting subject; stuttering and dating!

Meeting new people and dating . A very important area of a PWS’s life which is negatively affected by his/her stuttering.

In this article, I’m going to cover some tips and advices which you can use to
1) not ruin a potential cool dating experience
2) create attraction by using the fact that you are a stutterer.

I think it is important to understand these points which we’ll cover in a minute… and reflect them to your life in a positive way, because dating/relationships is one of the top 4 most important aspects of one’s life. Read More→

The best GIFT ever… STUTTERING!

Yes! I, Chazzler DiCyprian, say “Stuttering is a cool GIFT which is presented to you by life!”

…And you probably already started to think that I am out of my mind. I can hear you saying “Hey dude, this Chazzler guy gone crazy”.

(Very special but weird note: To be honest, I actually kind of liked the saying “gone crazy”. It sounded like the TV show “Girls Gone Wild” and it reminded me my fun college years in USA)

I wish I didn’t make that last comment. Now, you will DEFINITELY think I am crazy…

Well… allow me a couple minutes of your time to talk about the “Stuttering is a cool gift” comment and then I’ll let you decide whether I am CRAZY… or COOL.

Stuttering? Gift? Crazy? Cool?… Confusing right? Not really! Read More→

Have you ever gone through speech and language therapy or any kind of traditional treatments for stuttering with no or TEMPORARY results?

Are you interested to learn WHY that happens?

Here is why… and what to do about it… Read More→

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