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3 Things You Must Avoid To Stop Stuttering


How to stop stuttering - 3 Things To Avoid“How do I stop stuttering?” is a question all of us stutterers are looking to find an answer for.

How to stop stuttering?

What to do to stop your stuttering is important, but what NOT to do and avoid is as important.

In this article, I am going to share 3 things with you which you must avoid at all cost to stop stuttering.

Avoid going through stuttering treatments with the expectation of learning a “technique” which will enable you to speak fluently and HIDE your stuttering.

Keep in mind that stopping stuttering or overcoming your stuttering challenge is not about what you do, it is about who you BECOME.

How To Stop Stuttering 2Avoid practicing your speaking tools and techniques only in an isolated therapy room or by yourself at home.

Those might be helpful for warm up sessions before your practice sessions. However, real life speaking situations is where we  want to see the results at, therefore practicing should take place by facing and experiencing those speaking situations with the support of your powerful speaking tools and techniques.

How To Stop Stuttering 3Avoid negative people at all cost.

This applies to not only overcoming stuttering but also any goal you want to achieve in life. If you want to achieve a goal you need to surround yourself with successful people who already achieved that specific goal. Those role models are what you need around you, not some negative “heros” who suck all your energy and motivation by trying to convince you why you CANNOT achieve your goal.

There are people on internet forums, groups and even at your local support group meetings who will constantly talk about why there is nothing that can be done for stuttering since it is a neurological flaw. There might be some neurological factors involved in stuttering, however that doesn’t mean there is nothing that can be done for stuttering. That is completely not true.

You can improve your speech to a great level where stuttering would not be an issue in your life anymore. You can remove the obstacle of stuttering out of your way and live a fully expressive, confident, successful and fulfilled life. There are hundreds of living proofs who have reached that level by overcoming stuttering the right way!

Anyone who is seriously willing to do something about his/her speech to change everything for better, can reach not only a very high level of fluency but also can become an effective communicator and a powerful speaker. This is highly possible so don’t let anybody shape your future!

Overcoming stuttering and eventually stop stuttering is not an overnight fix, but if you follow the blueprint of success just like other successful stutterers, you can achieve both your speaking and life goals beyond your wildest imagination.

If “How do I stop stuttering?” is a question you ask yourself repeatedly…

Click here and watch this video presentation till the end. The video reveals how successful stutterers have achieved their goals and are now enjoying a fully expressive, confident, successful and fulfilled lives.

You don’t have to be a “special” person to be successful in this, anyone who follows the blueprint and the right way to stop stuttering can change not only his/her speech but also the direction of his/her life.

Feel free to take a look at it if you are interested. Here is the link for you to access the video page.

To your success,

Chazzler DiCyprian



I am reading your material time to time, and i made my own unique path to dissolve my stammer using the material (SDMP). And things are really changing. I do not fake for nothing, and I do not hide my stammer or my thoughts or my beliefs or anything relating my personality.

At last in my life, I really feel that I am alive, I mean really alive:) I feel free.

(And I say only this to all stutters: First, be YOURSELF. Then Let it to LIFE. Before that, make your truce with YOURSELF)


That’s a nice way to put it Osman. I’m glad things started to work out for you. Isn’t it a great feeling to see that it is possible to change everything for better? Good luck and feel free to contact me anytime.


Hmmm . . . . I am one of those people who stutters openly, after a life time of hiding it. I chat with people via skype, I participate in internet forums, and I used to go to support groups.
I am not a “hero” nor am I negative.
I am a very effective public speaker, even when I stutter.
I have been in Toastmasters for over 5 years and have mentored several people who DO NOT stutter to help them become more condident communicators.
I have spoken to many diverse groups, both stutterers and fluent.
Effective communication is so much more than being fluent.
Do you have a background in speech therapy?


Hi Pam,congratulations on your achievements. As far as I am concerned “overcoming stuttering” is all about removing the obstacle of stuttering out of your way so you can live a fully expressive, confident, successful and fulfilled life.Overcoming stuttering is not only about fluency it is much more and a lot deeper than that. I agree that effective communication is more important than perfect fluency.

Regarding to your question;
No, I am not a speech therapist. Who am I?

Thx for your post and wish you all the best, Pam.

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