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About SDOA

SDOA(Stuttering Dissolution Online Academy) was born with a mission to help PWS(people who stutter) all around the world to achieve their speaking goals, become effective communicators and living fulfilled lives.

SDOA is NOT offering a cure. Chazzler DiCyprian, the founder of SDOA who is a PWS too, had been a victim of those false promises for years. Therefore, he is very sensitive when it comes to SDOA’s promises and your expectations from it.

SDOA does not offer a cure or a quick overnight fix for stuttering. However, Chazzler DiCyprian believes that PWS can greatly improve their speech to a level where stuttering would NOT be an issue in their life anymore. By the help of effective tools&techniques, step-by-step models, proven strategies and last but not least with the right mindset and leading, PWS can remove the obstacle of stuttering out of their way to live the life they desire (with no negative effects of stuttering whatsoever).

The products and services SDOA offers is not a substitute for medical advice or professional health care service. SDOA is an online platform which offers help for PWS who are willing to improve and take their speech, communication skills and life to the next level. What Chazzler DiCyprian shares in SDOA are all based on his personal opinions and experiences as a result of being in the community for more than 10 years and coaching/mentoring hundreds of successful PWS to overcome their stuttering challenge. Please be informed in advance and do not compare SDOA with so called “stuttering cure” solutions or ineffective stuttering programs which provide no or temporary results.

SDOA believes in the importance of self development and its positive effects on one’s life. Therefore, SDOA is based on and supported by self development subjects as well as stuttering tools, techniques, strategies and models specifically for overcoming stuttering. SDOA provides online products&services created for PWS to help them not only change their speech but also change their whole life for better.

By “overcoming stuttering” Chazzler DiCyprian implies removing the obstacle of stuttering out of your way so you can achieve your speaking goals and live a fully expressive , confident, successful and fulfilled life.

Chazzler strongly believes and inspires PWS not to let their stuttering challenge hijack their whole life and self-image. He believes every PWS deserves to live the life they desire to the fullest and that there is not even a single reason why they cannot achieve this. He believes in playing the game of stuttering (which applies to life as well) to “win” and not “not to lose”!

SDOA is here to help you to overcome your stuttering challenge, achieve your speaking goals, become an effective communicator and live a fully expressive and fulfilled life.

SDOA’s primary goal is to create value, make a difference and change PWS’s speech and lives for better.

Hope our paths cross again soon as a result of this mission… and you become the next “Chazzler” who will be helping other PWS after overcoming your stuttering challenge and achieving your ultimate goals and dreams.

Whether you choose to be a part of SDOA or not,

We wish you all the best

Stuttering Dissolution Online Academy