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Stuttering Awareness Day and Yout Big DreamLast year I shared these 2 videos with you on International Stuttering Awareness Day. People just LOVED those 2 videos (you can watch them below).

This year I’d like to do something different…

In fact, I’d like all of us to let those limiting beliefs go and push the limits!

Here is what I planned. Read More→

Welcome to another Q&A video session of Stuttering Dissolution. Today’s question is from Vassilios and the question is:

β€œHi Chazzler, for a problem of coordinating breathing and speaking, what tips can I use when I stumble on a word?”

So the question is basically β€œWhat To Do When Hit A Speech Block?

Read More→

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Stuttering Help - How To Deal With Authority Figures

I have been receiving questions from Stuttering Dissolution Readers and will be answering them as much as I can with sweet, short videos. You can call this Stuttering Help Q&A sessions.

Today’s question is from Jai. Here is Jai’s question:
“…what is your best advice for dealing with authority figures if this is a trigger for stuttering?”

…and here is the video which I shared 3 tips on how to deal with authority figures when it comes to our challenge of communicating with authority figures. Read More→

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This is an email I sent to my list yesterday but I thought it’d be helpful to share this with people who are not on my list too.

I can’t imagine even a single logical reason why a person who has a stuttering challenge in life wouldn’t be on this list, but oh well I guess you just enjoy missing free great content πŸ™‚

Here is the email I sent yesterday. Read More→

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Is it possible to stop stuttering? Most people in the stuttering community got this wrong! Here is my take on that…

Oh by the way, feel free to make a comment on my new “geek” glasses too… just don’t be too hard on me πŸ™‚

Don’t forget to like, share and comment;)

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What is stutteringWhat is stuttering? I know it sounds like an easy question, but it is NOT! This is a question which can only be answered by PEOPLE WHO STUTTER!.. and this video is a great example of that…

This is a must watch video about stuttering and stammering which every PWS(person who stutter) should watch. Read More→

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Please comment below the video and let me know which one of those stuttering help topics would help you the most.

Also, feel free to write down your specific questions about stuttering and I’ll address all those questions in the future videos.

Click on the picture to watch the video I am talking about. Read More→

To be completely honest with you this is something which is better than most products out in the market which others SELL!

But I’ll be sharing it with you for FREE! All you’ll need to do is a mouse click πŸ™‚

But before that, let me tell you a bit about why I decided to do something this crazy.

Well, first because I care about YOU and the stuttering community. I know what it FEELS like to live as a person with a stuttering challenge in life.

On the other hand, I also know that A LOT OF things can change in our lives once we can deal with our stuttering, improve our speech to a great level and eventually overcome our stuttering challenge. Read More→

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Stuttering Help - Stuttering and Resistance to ChangeDo you know what was the most FRUSTRATING part of my “stuttering dissolution journey”?

It was the fact that I knew what to do to change my speech for better, but my mind and body was RESISTING that change no matter how hard I tried!

It’s like learning new speaking techniques which you know if you use them they would help you to speak in a lot better and smoother way, but for some reason you RESIST using them. It might be your mind, your body or some other reason but you simply resist using them even though you know you could speak better if you use them. Read More→

We all know that the importance of self confidence and self-esteem is HUGE when it comes to dealing with stuttering.

Today, I am going to share with you a 3 step system which will improve your self-esteem to a high level in 3 simple yet powerful steps.

But before getting into that…

I want to tell you about my new friend Dr.X who is a very successful dentist…well, who WAS a very successful dentist but decided to quit his job(or “career” I should say) to shape his future and his life in a different way.

I know hard to believe, but that’s the story… true story! Read More→