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Hey guys,

Today is October 22, which is the…

International Stuttering Awareness Day (ISAD).

When I first thought about this day and what I should share with you, I thought…

What should I do? Should I give a report about how to deal with stuttering? or should I provide some tips on stuttering? or would showing you some techniques for a feared situation be a better idea? may be making a video for inner game strategies would be the best!?

Thoughts were everywhere… but I finally decided what to do. Read More→

As a stutterer myself, speaking on the phone was a huge nightmare for me. I used to avoid making phone calls at all cost, even if that means…

…writing a long email to my credit card company(which I’ll have to wait for a couple days to get a response) instead of calling the customer service and get my answer right away.

OR ;

…driving all the way to the other side of the city to order and pick up my pizza instead of ordering it on the phone just by picking up the phone and placing my order in less than 2 minutes. Read More→

How to stop stuttering Have you ever wondered how you can stop your stuttering without spending thousands of dollars?

Let me guess…

You probably have tried some kind of stuttering treatment one way or another at some point in your life… or may be you always wanted to but you just couldn’t afford it. Read More→

I searched for a SOLUTION to my stuttering problem for YEARS!

I was very excited and full of hope before going through or trying some of the stuttering treatments which were supposed to eliminate my stuttering.

However, I ended up feeling like the worst human being on the planet post-therapy.

I felt frustrated, angry, sad, hopeless and like a complete FAILURE! Read More→

Stuttering Dissolution Outer Game Training Program

Good news πŸ™‚

Remember my last blog post about a project I was working on?

…which I also gave you a hint that it was about the best and most effective speaking tools, techniques and strategies which you can use to successfully manage your speech in real life speaking situations…?

Well, after working on it for 3 FULL MONTHS, it is finally ready. Read More→


Am I really LOST?

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Recently, I’ve been receiving emails along the lines of…

“Where have you been Chazzler? hope you are fine and keep those helpful emails coming…”

First of all, I am happy that I have been missed πŸ™‚

Secondly, and definitely more importantly…

I couldn’t write you, because I’ve been busy with a new project which I am sure you’ll LOVE! Read More→

Ever asked yourself how can I stop stuttering stammering? Do you know whether you should overcome stuttering or not?

Here is a VIDEO I created which leads you to ask yourself 4 critical questions and help you to find the ANSWER!

Click to access your 5-part FREE Video eCourse

One of the best stuttering presentations I have ever seen in my life:) To be honest, this has nothing to do with overcoming stuttering but I thought every PWS has a lot to learn and question about their limiting beliefs after watching this short presentation by Nate.

Now tell me… Have you ever thought stuttering and presentation can make such a cool combination? πŸ™‚ Congratulations Nate!

I can assure you that failing to address these 4 questions is the last thing you want to do when it comes to your stuttering challenge and your happiness in life.

Achievement of your speech related goals(overcoming stuttering and stammering) and the quality of your life are both closely related with the way you address and answer these 4 questions.

Let’s go over those 4 easy but critical questions every PWS (person who stutters) needs to answer… Read More→

This is a video I came across a long time ago. In fact I met the guy(Nick) in person when I used to live in San Diego.

I think it is a great video full of life lessons. I encourage you to watch it and question everything about your life again. What you might consider “bad” might not be as “bad” as you think!

Thanks Nick!.. for sharing your message with the world and making us “THINK AGAIN”.