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We all know that the importance of self confidence and self-esteem is HUGE when it comes to dealing with stuttering.

Today, I am going to share with you a 3 step system which will improve your self-esteem to a high level in 3 simple yet powerful steps.

But before getting into that…

I want to tell you about my new friend Dr.X who is a very successful dentist…well, who WAS a very successful dentist but decided to quit his job(or “career” I should say) to shape his future and his life in a different way.

I know hard to believe, but that’s the story… true story! Read More→

Hey guys,

Today is October 22, which is the…

International Stuttering Awareness Day (ISAD).

When I first thought about this day and what I should share with you, I thought…

What should I do? Should I give a report about how to deal with stuttering? or should I provide some tips on stuttering? or would showing you some techniques for a feared situation be a better idea? may be making a video for inner game strategies would be the best!?

Thoughts were everywhere… but I finally decided what to do. Read More→

One of the best stuttering presentations I have ever seen in my life:) To be honest, this has nothing to do with overcoming stuttering but I thought every PWS has a lot to learn and question about their limiting beliefs after watching this short presentation by Nate.

Now tell me… Have you ever thought stuttering and presentation can make such a cool combination? 🙂 Congratulations Nate!

Have you heard about the movie “The King’s Speech”?

Lately, the movie is being discussed EVERYWHERE. People are talking about the movie and stuttering on TVs, on radios, on newspapers, on magazines, on the internet…everywhere!

This is great for the stuttering community… not only because it will raise stuttering awareness but also because of the fact that this movie will probably change the negative outlook to stutterers and stuttering. It may lead even you to question your perceptions and beliefs about your stuttering. The stutterer is a high status figure in the movie, which is unusual considering hundreds of movies made in this industry for years. Check out the official trailer. Read More→

The holiday season is already here and I hope you are enjoying it to the fullest.

When it comes to our speech, it might be a period which brings some difficulties
with it. There are lots of socializing involved during this season. Family get togethers,
parties (work/school/organizations you are a part of/neighborhood/etc.). The phrase
“get together for socializing” is enough to bring some stress by itself.

So in this article I wanted to list 9 tips which will both help you to cope with your stutter
and also will give you a different perspective about life in general.

Enjoy… Read More→

Welcome to Stuttering Dissolution Blog. This site is under construction at the moment but
we will be up and running very soon!

Check back again because we are working so hard to provide you the BEST OF THE BEST 😉

In the meantime, feel free to take a look at the links at the top of the page.

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