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Archive for Stuttering & Stammering

mystutteringstoryTrue story that changed my life… which may help change YOUR LIFE too.

It was a rainy day in Florida. It was a BIG DAY for me.

I left my country(Cyprus) and had moved all the way to the other side of the world (USA) to study.

I left everything and everyone behind… my family, my friends, my home.

It was both an exciting and a sad feeling. Oh a bit scary too…especially considering the fact that I was a severe stutterer! Read More→

Here is a short video we shot with Mike Blissett for the upcoming live webinar.

IMPORTANT: You can register and watch the webinar by clicking here.

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stutteringhelp-howtoincreaseselfconfidenceWe all know that confidence plays a HUGE role when it comes to our speech and to our “good buddy” stuttering.

Let me ask you this…

Do you speak more fluently and smoothly when you feel more confident?

That was exactly the case in my situation.

The level of self confidence I was feeling was directly reflecting to my speech fluency in any specific speaking situation.

But I just wasn’t confident enough and I didn’t know what to do about it. Read More→

ChazzlerandGeoff-OnlineSessiononStuttering2I am very excited for you.

…and here is why!

Watch this video I created and please follow those 3 simple steps.

If you are a person who has a stuttering challenge in life and you want to improve your speech to a great level where stuttering would not be a challenge in your life anymore, I am sure you’ll find this very helpful.



Make sure to follow these 3 steps and I’ll see you in the session.

STEP-1: Ask your question by commenting below.

STEP-2: Click here and sign up, so you won’t miss the session

STEP-3: Share this video and help others!

I’ll send you an email before the session so you can plan accordingly.

In this LIVE online video training, you’ll learn: Read More→

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stutteringtherapyandspeakingtechniquesI get this question A LOT!

“Do I have to learn a physical technique to improve my speech and eventually overcome my stuttering challenge?”

When I first decided to do something about my speech, I believed that learning a speaking technique is the way to overcome my stuttering.

I was WRONG!

In fact I failed countless times just because of this belief.

Oh and I WASTED lots of money too. Read More→

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live online stuttering trainingHey everyone,

I have some great news!

I am planning to organize a LIVE ONLINE TRAINING, where you’ll actually watch me deliver the training live!

…and the best part is;

It will be TOTALLY FREE for you! Read More→

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I HATED it when they wanted me to use speaking techniques which was weird, inapplicable, unnatural and NOT REALISTIC at all!

For example, there was a technique called “easy onset” which I was thought in a speech therapy program.

Here is how this technique requires you to speak. Read More→

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tonyrobbinsDo you know that 95% of people who make New Year resolution break it in a week?

We all set goals and make promises to ourselves especially right before the new year…and just like the statistics show, we end up NOT following our promises and feeling worse than before.

So, what is the reason and what should we do about this?

Here is a great video from one of the self development gurus; Anthony Robbins.

Hope you enjoy the video.


In today’s video I am going to show you how you can use voluntary stuttering to improve your speech. I know it doesn’t make any sense, it doesn’t sound right, but bear with me and I’ll show you how in this short video.

Please like and share the video if you think it might help others too. Thank you and enjoy your video!


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Shhh, I have a secret question for you…

How many times have you gone through stuttering treatments, you see some improvements in your speech but you gave up… because, for some reason, the techniques stopped working for you!?

Let me guess…

Most probably, at least one time!

If you are like me; at least 47 times 🙂

So, WHY is this happening to almost all PWS(people who stutter)?

You probably are not going to like my answer… Read More→

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