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Archive for The Game of Life

how can you stop stutteringI asked this question to myself hundreds of times every single day. How can I stop stuttering?

How do I stop stuttering? How? HOW?

It was one of the most frustrating questions of my life.

In this article, I am going to cover 3 things you must do to stop stuttering.

How can you stop stuttering? Here is the answer. Read More→

Overcome stuttering stay aways

STAY AWAY from these people!

If you want to achieve your ultimate goal and overcome stuttering, you MUST stay away from these people…especially in the beginning phases of your stuttering dissolution process.

Don’t give them the power to suck all your energy and motivation. Don’t let them shape your future and tell you what you can and cannot achieve in life.

Who am I talking about? Who are those people?

Let’s meet our dear friends “motivation suckers”. Read More→

how to stop stammering

Are you tired of looking for a solution to stop stammering? Do you feel like your life is going nowhere just because you haven’t been able to stop stammering?

You can give yourself a break, stop everything you’re doing right now and read this short article. You’ll find everything you need to know about how to stop stammering in this article.

I am going to explain you why most people fail in speech therapy but before that lets talk about our main topic. Read More→

Stuttering treatment is what most stutterers have tried at some point in their lives. Some of us end up improving our speech to some level where most only got TEMPORARY results (if any!).

When it comes to seeking help for stuttering or stammering, your MINDSET is as important as the stuttering treatment itself. There is an EXTREMELY important component of your mindset which if you can internalize and apply the RIGHT way, it will help you to boost the RESULTS you get from the specific stuttering treatment you choose to go with.

Of course you need to go with an effective stuttering treatment option but no matter how good the stuttering treatment option is, it is almost IMPOSSIBLE to succeed without this crucial component of your mindset. The video below explains this extremely important component of your mindset which in conjunction with an effective stuttering treatment will boost your results.
Enjoy 😉

I’ve been getting a lot of questions about job interviews and what to do during a job interview as a person who has a stuttering challenge. Therefore, I decided to write a special report about the topic so everyone can benefit from it.

The report is now ready and waiting for you. Take it as a GIFT from me. All I ask from you is:

PAY IT FORWARD and share this special report with people who you think can benefit from it.

You have my permission to share it on forums, groups, blogs, facebook… simply on anywhere you like to. Help me reach others and contribute to the stuttering community in the best way we can.

Your special report download link is below. Just right click on the link, pick the option “save target as”, download your special report on your computer and enjoy it. Read More→

A courageous stutterer, Vivek Singh, is facing his public speaking fear… best of all, the topic is very interesting 🙂

Vivek has been a part of Stuttering Dissolution for a time now and he agreed to share this video with you. I wanted to share this with everybody because I believe there are a lot to learn from this video.

Congratulations for not holding back and facing your fears Vivek! This is a huge step on the way to success. Make sure you record upcoming speeches as well so we all can compare and see the progress. Oh and no problem for us, you can go ahead have sex before marriage 🙂

P.S: Feel free to add me on facebook to watch more of those real life videos in the future.

As I promised, here is the video on Stuttering, Dating and how you can use the fact that you are a stutterer to even CREATE ATTRACTION! Enjoy;)

Valentine’s Day is around the corner. So, I decided to talk about an interesting subject; stuttering and dating!

Meeting new people and dating . A very important area of a PWS’s life which is negatively affected by his/her stuttering.

In this article, I’m going to cover some tips and advices which you can use to
1) not ruin a potential cool dating experience
2) create attraction by using the fact that you are a stutterer.

I think it is important to understand these points which we’ll cover in a minute… and reflect them to your life in a positive way, because dating/relationships is one of the top 4 most important aspects of one’s life. Read More→

The best GIFT ever… STUTTERING!

Yes! I, Chazzler DiCyprian, say “Stuttering is a cool GIFT which is presented to you by life!”

…And you probably already started to think that I am out of my mind. I can hear you saying “Hey dude, this Chazzler guy gone crazy”.

(Very special but weird note: To be honest, I actually kind of liked the saying “gone crazy”. It sounded like the TV show “Girls Gone Wild” and it reminded me my fun college years in USA)

I wish I didn’t make that last comment. Now, you will DEFINITELY think I am crazy…

Well… allow me a couple minutes of your time to talk about the “Stuttering is a cool gift” comment and then I’ll let you decide whether I am CRAZY… or COOL.

Stuttering? Gift? Crazy? Cool?… Confusing right? Not really! Read More→

A question which is asked by millions of people who stutter.

“How to stop stuttering?”

If you are a stutterer like myself, you probably know how
emotionally PAINFUL this challenge can get. There is no question
that stuttering is a HUGE setback for one’s life. Therefore being
able to stop stuttering, or the way I like to put it “dissolving your
stuttering iceberg” would be LIFE CHANGING both for you and for
your loved ones!

Therefore, in this video, I decided to shortly talk about and share
top 8 advices and strategies every PWS should know and follow.

Get a cup of coffee, make yourself comfortable and enjoy your video…