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Cure Stuttering? Is It Possible To Stop Stuttering Overnight?


cure stuttering? is it possible?Is it possible to cure stuttering and come up with an answer to the question “how to stop stuttering today”?

… or is stuttering something we cannot change and have to learn to live with it?

Do you think the answer might be neither of those? Would you like to learn the truth about it?

Here is the plain truth when it comes to cure stuttering.

I remember those days.

I was DESPERATE finding a solution to cure my stutter and I kept hoping I could stop stuttering if I could find “THE TECHNIQUE” to fix it.

I was asking myself the same questions over and over again. How do I stop stuttering? Is there a cure for stuttering? If so, how do I do it?

I was going through all kinds of speech therapies only to find out that it was not the technique I was looking for. None of them was given me the speech fluency I was expecting and hoping for.

I had never realized that overcoming stuttering was not about having a fluency tool but was about BECOMING a person who can overcome stuttering.

Now, let’s get to the most popular questions in the stuttering community.

Is it possible to cure stuttering or stop stuttering overnight?

My answer to that question will be very deep and advanced…


I’m sorry if that sounded very simple and straightforward but there is no cure for stuttering yet. Therefore, any program or any person promising you an overnight cure for stuttering… please do yourself a favor and stay away from it. They are trying to take advantage of your strong emotions by giving you false promises. I was a victim of those promises for YEARS.

However, does that mean there is nothing that can be done for stuttering?

NO! That is not true either.

By following the right pathway and by the support of effective tools, techniques, strategies, step-by-step models and last but not least the right mindset, you can reach a point where stuttering would NOT be an issue in your life anymore.

You can remove the obstacle of stuttering out of your way so you can enjoy living a confident, successful and fulfilled life.

You may not reach %100 fluency and may hit a few blocks rarely. But as long as you can manage those rare incidents and you can correct them on the spot without any struggles, then I don’t think stuttering would interfere with your communication skills in any way.

What is more important to us stutterers is INNER SELF. What bothers us the most is not the physical blocks themselves but the FEELINGS and NEGATIVE EMOTIONS they bring to us. Your beliefs, your thoughts, your emotions… are what MATTERS.

I agree that achieving this level may not be very easy and may not happen overnight, but if you follow the RIGHT pathway it is highly possible.

Overcoming stuttering is not about learning a cure technique which will stop your stutter overnight. It’s about becoming the person you need to become in order to dissolve stuttering and reach your desired speaking goals and dreams.

I wouldn’t call this cure stuttering, or this would not be the answer of your question “how to stop stuttering tonight?”, but overcoming stuttering is NOT a dream. There are hundreds of successful stutterers who are now :

* Professional speakers
* Working in high status positions and pursuing a great careers
* Getting their dream jobs which require extensive speaking and communication skills
* Teaching in schools and universities
* Winning speech competitions against “fluent” speakers
* Becoming business owners and successful entrepreneurs whom are making millions of dollars and living a great lifestyle

None of those people have been cured, but they were successful in overcoming their stutter the right way and becoming the people they are today. They reached a high level of fluency and in some rare cases which they face with minor speech blocks, they can manage the situation effectively on the spot. Reaching a high level of fluency is important but becoming an effective communicator is as important as fluency(if not more important!).

If you are looking for a magic blue pill to cure your stutter, unfortunately there is nothing that can be  done today to meet your expectations. All you’ll get is scams full of false promises which will make you feel even worse after you try them. I was a victim of those false promises for years so I know how it FEELS once you find out that “the new technique” didn’t work either.

You lose money, you lose time, you lose energy, but worst of all you lose your hopes and you stop believing in yourself.

As I said, I was a victim of those false promises for years so I’d never want to do the same to you. If you are looking for a magic blue pill which will cure your stuttering and will enable you to stop stuttering overnight then I wish you the best and suggest you not to read on.


If you are serious about doing something for your speech today and become a successful stutterer

…then feel free to click here and watch this video which I’m confident will make a difference in your life starting from today.

Hope you find this article helpful, and remember that even though stuttering was not our choice, overcoming stuttering IS!

Wish you all the best,

P.S: If you feel stuttering is a huge setback and obstacle in your life and you are willing to do something about it to completely change everything for better, then make sure to watch this video while it is still up and available.



thanks for the information 🙂 but nothing is impossible,and yes I can reach fluency 100% ! time will tell ;)with a little faith and confidence, you can do anything you set your mind to 🙂


Don’t get me wrong, of course you or anybody may reach a level of 100% fluency.That is possible and I’ve met people who did. But my point was that overcoming stuttering is not about 100% fluency, it is much more and a lot deeper than that!

Hope it makes sense:)


My son started to talk way later than other boys, when he did, stuttered… at 3 and a half, I was “told” he needed language therapy… made appointment… went to the zoo, got somehow intoxicated, spent all day at hospital and slept all night… next day NOT ONE Stutter, changed actually overnight, didn’t even get to see the therapist. From hiding and avoiding saying his name or speaking… to normal 3 year old speaker… OVER NIGHT…
Don’t know what it is, Don´t know how… was actually hoping to find it out here. But he did!!!


That’s an interesting case, Bernice. However, there are a lot of kids who grow out of stuttering at early ages. For adults, it’s a different story though.

For kids, sometimes it is not correct to name those early disfluencies in speech as “stuttering”. Thanks for the comment and say hi to your son:)


Need Help,
I’m moving soon and will have to introduce my self. I have trouble saying my name and cry at night just thinking about pronouncing my name. I need tips from someone who experienced this for themself and that’s you! Could you please help me to overcome this? It’s bad and I need to take care of it as soon as I can. Thanks 🙂


Hi Becky, did you watch my 5-part video ecourse on how to overcome stuttering the right way? It’s completely free on my website here(check above). Just sign up for that and you’ll receive instant access to the training videos right away.

Also, feel free to reply my emails for your specific questions while watching your 5-part free video series.

Wishing you the best!

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