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How Can I Stop Stuttering Stammering? 4 Questions To Answer!


Ever asked yourself how can I stop stuttering stammering? Do you know whether you should overcome stuttering or not?

Here is a VIDEO I created which leads you to ask yourself 4 critical questions and help you to find the ANSWER!

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well the questions were quite general but important ones. I think everyone would have asked himself these questions. But knowing and implementing are really two different things and one need to implement the things he knows to reach his ultimate destination.


That’s true Harish. Knowing and implementing are totally different and if one misses the implementation he/she can only be called “knowledge junkie”.

The fine line between success and failure is taking action. You need to put what you know in action, turn it into a SKILL and gradually get the results you want. That’s the roadmap to any success in life.

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