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How The Pain of Stuttering Changed My Life… And May Help Change Yours Too! (True Story)


mystutteringstoryTrue story that changed my life… which may help change YOUR LIFE too.

It was a rainy day in Florida. It was a BIG DAY for me.

I left my country(Cyprus) and had moved all the way to the other side of the world (USA) to study.

I left everything and everyone behind… my family, my friends, my home.

It was both an exciting and a sad feeling. Oh a bit scary too…especially considering the fact that I was a severe stutterer!

It was my first day in school. People all over the world were there. It was one of the best schools in the world, so everyone was looking smart and cool.

I had never liked those type of environments because I always had felt “not enough” because of my stuttering.


It was time to introduce ourselves in class…*cough* You know the feeling!

Everyone was saying their name, where they came from and what their goals in life were.

People were speaking like it was a piece of cake….easily, freely. To be honest, it was easy. What’s so hard about saying your name and sharing your goals with people anyway?

Yeah that’s true, it’s EASY and FUN….UNLESS you are a person who STUTTERS.

I always loved meeting new people, but I had learned to HATE IT because of my stuttering challenge in life.

I always loved sharing my thoughts, ideas and goals, but I had learned to HATE IT because of my stuttering challenge in life.

I always loved to get to know people and their lives, but I had learned to HATE IT because of my stuttering challenge in life.

I always loved to express myself and show my true potential to people, but I had learned to HATE IT because of my stuttering challenge in life.

I always loved to live, but I had learned to HATE IT because of my stuttering challenge in life.

I guess I always had to HATE things which I LOVED to do in life…just because of my stuttering!

It was my turn to speak. I stand up and started speaking…

Or lets just say TRIED to start speaking.

I froze, I had a HUGE BLOCK on my name. I could see people were looking at me. Some with curiosity, some with worry, some uncomfortably and some with a slight smile.

I got interrupted by the professor. He was a big guy. Tough one. He looked like one of those celebrity bodyguards.

He asked me “who do you want to become in life?”

I (tried) to say “Entrepreneur. I want to start my own business”

He laughed! He laughed hard!

And continued… “with this speech?”

I was so pissed…but ashamed on the same time.

I didn’t answer. But I could hear people giggling.

He continued:

“I’m going to be honest with you young man. With this speech, you probably can’t succeed to be successful in anything like entrepreneurship, marketing, starting and growing a business,etc.”

I was shocked.  I was NOT expecting this. How dare he could say that.

…and he was a department head, a professor in one of the best schools in USA!

I was humiliated. I didn’t want to stay there even a single second longer.

I left the class.

I was so close to cry, but one side of me was soo mad that helped me not to let it go in the middle of the class.

I went to home. Actually, I RAN to home. I didn’t even take the bus. I ran all the way to home!

Still to this day, I have no fricking idea how the hell I could run all that distance. I must have been mad enough not to realize I was tired. I could easily ran the whole city with that negative energy of anger.

I got home…

Slammed the door. BAAAMMM!

So mad, I could kill somebody.

I started to punch pillows, kick chairs, smash tables and everything on my way.

For those of you who are old enough; I was like Robocop.

I was so mad at the professor. I was so mad to people laughing at me in the class. I was so mad to my parents who brought me life with this damn stuttering problem. I was so mad to life. I was so mad to my stuttering. I was so mad to myself. I was so mad to to God(I’m sorry but I’m being honest here).

At that moment I thought; may be it was better not to live at all than living like that.

Don’t get me wrong I never commit suicide or even thought about it, but if everything was going to go like that, there was no meaning… life was just meaningless to me.

And while I was going through that emotional roller-coaster, I heard a huge crash!

People were SCREAMING like crazy!

I look out the window and see what it was…

It was a serious car accident. Cars were just smashed!

I left my “victim mode” and run to help those people.

I had to call 911 to ask for help.

One of my biggest fears as a stutterer… what if someone dies just because I couldn’t communicate fast enough to save their life.

I know a bit crazy, but hey that’s the reality. Well, at least the “reality” of my illusion.

I don’t know how, but I did it, I called 911 even though I stuttered severely on the call.

When people were being taken to the hospital I heard a young guy saying…

“Thank you for doing this for me, you might just saved my life. Please! I don’t want to die, I did NOT live my life yet”

I still remember his voice like it was yesterday.

It hit me in the face… and I started to question my life.

Did I live? Will I have a chance to live the life I wanted if nothing will change in my life?

I hated both of those answers.

And I decided that day that something gotta change in my life. And for something to change in my life, I had to change first!

…nothing has been the same since!

I started to improve myself in different areas of life. I didn’t stop there, I also helped other people who needed help in those areas to change their life for better.

I realized that I had a passion in life; helping people to become a better version of themselves.

Years later(10 years) I moved back to my country Cyprus.

Like society expects an educated person to do; I found a job in a good company in my country, started to work and hope for a promotion. You know the same old stuff.

But I always kept that goal in me which I told to that “smarty” professor.

I wanted to become an entrepreneur and start my own business.

But there was a bit of problem with that…

My country was small and I didn’t have enough money to start a brick&mortar business.

So I decided to open up an online business.

I was going to do what I loved to do; helping people on the internet!

And because it was an online business, I could run my business from my laptop no matter where I live.

Freedom, profit and best of all helping people. What a combination!

How did I do it?

I heard about this website called Clickbank. It’s world’s biggest digital product marketplace.

People turn their knowledge into digital products which would both help people all around the world and also bring them income while doing it.

I started creating products and placing them on Clickbank to reach the world and be able to help a lot of people during the process.

In fact, as some of you will remember, my very first product was Stuttering Dissolution Multimedia Program. Then ofcourse I had other products in different areas of my expertise which is business, marketing,  psychology and self development.

Clickbank made it possible for me to disproof the professor. I became an online entrepreneur despite of all his thoughts about me and my lovely stuttering.

If you want to learn how you can do the same and become an online entrepreneur by packaging your knowledge and expertise into digital products, I definitely recommend you to check out this video by clicking here.

When I first started there was nothing like this. I had to learn EVERYTHING by myself. However, just recently, Clickbank put together a program teaching people like you and me how to turn our knowledge into income on the internet.

If you are interested, you can learn more about it by clicking here.

If it wasn’t for my stuttering and for Clickbank (ohh and for the jackass professor), I’d have never been where I am today.

Despite what others say about you or you think about yourself;

You are more than that!

You are much more than your stuttering.

Don’t let others’ opinions or your “imaginary reality” to define who you are and shape your destiny in life.

Give yourself what you deserve in life. And don’t let stuttering become a prison of you.

Stuttering is what you do, it is not who you are…and you can achieve anything you want in life no matter you have a stuttering challenge in life or not. Ofcourse improving your speech to a great level is important and that’s why I created SDMP and SDOGTP for you, but again fluency is not the measure of your future success.

I know this blog post was a bit different than others. It’s not directly related to stuttering but on the same time it was closely related to it.

If you are a person with big dreams; go for it.

If you are a person with a dream of helping people and making money while doing it, then definitely check out Clickbank University page and the video which explains it all for you in detail.

Wishing you all the best,

Your friend,


Important Note: If you are not interested in the topic of online entrepreneurship, I’m sorry for the disconnect. But I still believe there are a lot to learn from this story whether you are interested in becoming an entrepreneur and start your own online business  or not. You can replace entrepreneurship with any other goal or achievement you have and I’m positive this would apply to you. Remember, stuttering is as big as you perceive it to be. You are much more than your stuttering! Don’t let others’ thoughts shape who you are or who you can be or not…




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