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How To Overcome Stuttering Without Using Unrealistic Speaking Techniques [VIDEO]


I HATED it when they wanted me to use speaking techniques which was weird, inapplicable, unnatural and NOT REALISTIC at all!

For example, there was a technique called “easy onset” which I was thought in a speech therapy program.

Here is how this technique requires you to speak.

Yyyyyyyou Aaaaaare Eeeeeeex-Ppppec-Tttted Tttto Sssspeak Lllllike Tttthis Iiiin Eeeev-Rrrrey Ttttime Yyyyou Sssspeak

You simply prolong first sound of EACH syllable.

I kept asking myself;

“Are you kidding me? How the hell am I going to speak like that in REAL LIFE DAILY SPEAKING SITUATIONS?”

It was VERY frustrating!

..and it took me a LOONG time to end this frustration.

I’ll tell you how in a moment (I’ll also share a video with you), but first lets answer a critical question when it comes to improving your speech.

As you probably already know, I went through almost all kinds of speech therapy programs for stuttering and also countless stuttering treatments to get rid of my stutter and be able to speak fluently.

However, none of them worked. I spent thousands of dollars with NO or TEMPORARY RESULTS.

…and to be honest, they made me feel even worse.

I thought the problem was ME!

I thought I was the one who COULDN’T make it happen.

After all, there were a lot of “before and after” videos from those stuttering and speech therapy programs which people were making “drastic changes” in their speech.

I believed I was different than other stutterers and my stuttering was different, so I ended up believing that I cannot stop stuttering like “other people”.

The strange thing was, I was also good in those “after the treatment” videos, which were recorded at the last day of speech therapy. I was speaking good in the therapy room.

BUT, the problem happened when I was outside interacting and communicating with others. Speaking to other people in real life speaking situations had never been a positive experience for me.

Because I just was NOT able to use those speaking techniques in daily speaking situations.

They were just inapplicable, sounded extremely unnatural and to tell you the truth, to me, expecting people to speak like that was not realistic at all.

After countless of negative experiences, I realized that the problem was NOT me.

In fact, most people weren’t getting the results they were wishing for.

But as tragicomic as it may sound, everyone was thinking the same thing;

…may be “they” were different!

Let me tell you this;

It is NOT YOU who is different. The reality is;

  • Those “before and after” videos they were promoting were true, BUT they were recorded in a “controlled” environment; in a therapy room!
  • You probably spoke well in the therapy environment, because you were surrounded by similar people with the same challenge and you knew that you were not being judged. Your mindset was totally different while using those so called “fluency techniques”.
  • Those techniques do NOT work in real life speaking situations, because they simply cannot be realistically used and applied in the outside world. We as people with stuttering challenges have a mindset which needs to be seriously worked on. When it comes to stuttering and our beliefs surrounded by our stuttering mindset, what we think and how we feel at the moment has huge affects on our speech fluency.Therefore, learning unrealistic, weird, unnatural and inapplicable speaking techniques and using them in real life speaking situations is something which will never work…unless you are a human being with no emotions, which is very rare in these days:)

So what is the solution?

Do I REALLY say these techniques taught by world’s most popular stuttering and speech therapy programs do not work?

Yes, they do NOT work.

They might be helpful and work in a controlled environment(like a speech therapy room) when minimum emotions and negative thought patterns are involved, but the moment you step outside to the real world and start interacting with people, I can guarantee you that you won’t be able to keep up with those unrealistic techniques… so as a result, they won’t work.

Because, there is NO realistic way to use them in daily speaking situations…unless you are a robot with no senses at all!

Any speaking technique you integrate and use to improve your speech has to be natural, realistic and applicable in real life situations!

Why do I need to learn a technique which is only applicable in my room when I am by myself practicing? We don’t need a technique in those situations anyway, right?

We need effective tools and techniques which is realistically applicable in real life speaking situations.

I find it extremely tragicomic when people suggest each other to speak like they sing.

This might help, but do you REALLY want to order your food at a restaurant or introduce yourself or make a phone call and start “singing your sentences” so you can speak more fluently?

No way!

We want to speak more fluently not because so we won’t block, but more because we want to become better communicators. We simply want to express our thoughts and ideas effectively. Hanging around like a rock-star singing all the time is NOT the role model we have in mind:)

I hear you saying…

“OK, Chazzler, I got it that those unnatural techniques do not work. But, I wanted to start speak fluently, tell me what DOES work…so I can do something for MY speech!”

That’s why I am here.

…and here is the solution.

cure stuttering First of all, lets be totally honest here. I do NOT believe curing stuttering overnight is possible.

So if this is your expectation, then I am sorry but I can’t help you.


I believe that;

It is highly possible to improve your speech to a great level and overcome your stuttering challenge to a point, where stuttering would not be an obstacle on your way to live a fully expressive, confident and successful life(with no stuttering worries whatsoever)!

You just need to learn from other success stories and follow the right model and strategies to achieve that goal.

So, what can you do for that?

First of all, you should know that there are 2 aspects in overcoming stuttering;

  • Inner game(your mindset, the way you approach the problem psychologically,etc.)
  • Outer game(mental and physical speaking tools, techniques, strategies,etc.) of stuttering.

These go hand in hand. It’s very hard(if not impossible) to overcome stuttering just by focusing on one of them.

Both these aspects should be taken care of if you want a sustainable drastic change in your speech.

Some people say:

“I don’t need speaking techniques, because if I can speak fluently in one situation then that means that I can speak fluently in all situations”.

In fact, this is what NLP treatments for stuttering is advocating.

However, this is not always the case.

Majority of people need some effective speaking tools and techniques in order to face feared speaking situations and start changing their self limiting beliefs.

You need those speaking tools and techniques to give you the confidence when you face those challenging words and situations of yours.

It’s not easy, in fact, it is almost impossible to be able to achieve this just by trying to control/manage your thoughts and emotions…unless you are a master in isolating yourself from your thoughts, emotions and inner chatterbox.

Think about this for a moment;

Lets say that you learn some effective speaking techniques, which help you greatly every time you use them while speaking. They are NOT unnatural techniques like the one I told you about. They are techniques which is realistic and can be used in any situation without you being “a robot coming from Mars or Jupiter” 🙂

When people have effective speaking tools and techniques, they just feel more confident facing speaking situations.

…and the more those techniques help them, the more confident they feel and as a result the more their mindset starts to change!

You start to get rid of LIMITING BELIEFS such as “I cannot do it”, “I’ll never be enough”, “I’ll never be able to speak fluently and confidently”.


Because, with the help of those tools and techniques you PROVE YOURSELF that you can do it.

Those speaking tools and techniques is NOT THE ONLY answer to overcome stuttering. In fact, if you use them with the purpose of “hiding your stutter”, they will work AGAINST you!

BUT, they sure are what you need in order to CHANGE your MINDSET and DISSOLVE your stuttering challenge in the shortest time possible!

OK, before I finish this, I bet my life on it that you want me to share one of those speaking tools and techniques I am talking about:)

Actually, I divide those speaking tools and techniques into 2 categories; mental and physical.

Mental, meaning there is nothing physical you need to do as far as your speech mechanism goes… and physical, meaning you do something physically with your speech to be able to manage your speech in a better way.

Let me give you an example for a mental speaking technique.

I call this speaking technique the “Voice Dance Technique”.

…and here is a short and simple video explanation of it below taken from Stuttering Dissolution Outer Game Training Program.

[imaioVideo v=1]

If you want to learn more of these mental and physical speaking tools and techniques which you can easily use in your daily speaking situations to manage your speech successfully, then I suggest you to take a look at Stuttering Dissolution Outer Game Training Program and watch the video on that page.

I share more than 30 mental and physical speaking tools, techniques and strategies plus a lot more breakthrough information in there.

Those are mainly the best and most effective speaking tools, techniques and strategies used by people who have been able to overcome stuttering the RIGHT way!

To learn more about how to access those in depth videos feel free to click here and watch the video I created for you which explains it all.

I hope you enjoyed and benefited from the article and the video I shared above.

…and if so, please like and share it with people who can benefit from it.

Also, if there is anything you’d like to ask, feel free to comment below and I’ll do my best answering them.

I wish you all the best and see you in the next article/video very soon 🙂

Your friend,


P.S: Which speaking technique help you the MOST from all the stuttering therapy programs you went through?



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