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If You Want To Overcome Stuttering, Stay Away From These People!


Overcome stuttering stay aways

STAY AWAY from these people!

If you want to achieve your ultimate goal and overcome stuttering, you MUST stay away from these people…especially in the beginning phases of your stuttering dissolution process.

Don’t give them the power to suck all your energy and motivation. Don’t let them shape your future and tell you what you can and cannot achieve in life.

Who am I talking about? Who are those people?

Let’s meet our dear friends “motivation suckers”.

I am talking about people who are stutterers too, but are everywhere talking about why there is nothing that can be done for stuttering. They constantly spread their negative thoughts and negative energy to other stutterers around them.

That’s why I call those people “motivation suckers”.

Their attitude mess with your beliefs, especially when you are going through a hard time. They act as if they are realistic people, experienced in this field, are smart researchers and nobel prize winner scientists who knows it all.

You may not believe them fully, but as soon as you have a bad experience or a bad day, their aggressive attitude shakes your reality. You start to question everything which would mess up your belief system.

You start questioning your ABILITY to succeed and make this happen for you.

You see those people on internet forums, on various online groups, on social media sites, and strangely even at your local support group meetings.

I always wanted to say “come on dude, at least don’t show up at a SUPPORT group meeting” 🙂

They obviously “support” manipulating us so we don’t achieve the results we desire…

They suck everybody’s energy in those environments.

They think there is nothing that can be done for stuttering and they spread that negative energy all around.

They even go one step further and attack and accuse anybody who is trying to help others to change everything for better. Their defenses are so high. They keep bringing up the idea that scientific studies show that stuttering is a neurological disorder, therefore there is nothing that can be done for it. Those people are usually very aggressive and narrow minded. They are too focused on being right and they don’t even want to see the other point of views.

I haven’t seen even a single “motivation sucker” explaining me why there are so many stutterers out there who were able to overcome stuttering or at least improved their speech to a GREAT level!

I know those “motivation suckers” from my own stuttering dissolution journey. Unfortunately there are a lot of those people and they act as if they are the authority figures of the forum, group, mail list, etc. They think they are the best because they follow scientific studies in the field and brag about how right they are and how impossible it is to overcome stuttering or even improve your speech to a great level.

What makes me laugh the most is, they act as if they are the security guards and they are heros protecting the stuttering community…when in reality they are actually RUINING it for us, potential successful stutterers, who are willing to take the necessary steps to achieve our goals.

I don’t know, I am sure they have good intentions behind this behavior, may be they don’t want to put the energy and work to overcome stuttering, so just having nothing to do about it makes them feel better… or who knows may be they have the fear of failure. May be they don’t feel strong enough to make it happen, therefore they don’t want anybody to even try to  make it happen so they feel safe and a part of the “helpless group”.

Whatever the reason might be, I want you to keep what I am about to share with you in mind all the time.

I want you to remember that in order to make a cake you need to break a few eggs. Forums and real life are full of people telling us why there is nothing that can be done for stuttering. If I listened them, I’d now be on those forums listing you a zillion of reasons why there is no way to improve our speech, communication skills and eventually overcome stuttering.

Don’t give up on your goals and dreams just because some others say so!

Don’t let those people steal your hopes about your future. If I listened those people and let them SHAPE my future, I would not be where I am today.

Yes, there is no cure for stuttering but you can learn to improve your speech to a great level where stuttering would not be an obstacle on your way to live the life you desire… a fully expressive, confident, successful and fulfilled life!

Keep in mind this indisputable fact of life…

While some people come up with all kinds of excuses, reasons and explanations why a goal or dream cannot be achieved, some others are actually LIVE that dream.

What makes the difference in life is TAKING ACTION!

It doesn’t matter how much you know or how much you read, if you don’t use that knowledge and take action to change your life for better, then that means you are nothing more than a “knowledge junkie”.

My suggestion to anyone who is reading this post right now is…

Instead of learning 100 things and let them sit in your head, learn 10 things but put those in action and get results by changing things for better.

We can make things happen by what we DO, not by what we know or what we THINK!

Of course we are living in a free world and everybody has the right to make their own decisions. This is your life, you are fully responsible for it and you are the one who will shape your future by the decisions you are going to make throughout your life. So don’t let anyone, including me, to stick their nose and manipulate your decision and shape your future.

Your life, your future, your decision. Nothing else matters!

So, I guess I need to wrap up this writing before it gets too long (like it hasn’t already).

Just like Will Smith says to his son in one of his movies…

“Don’t ever let somebody tell you you can’t do something. You got a dream, you gotta protect it. People can’t do something themselves, they wanna tell you you can’t do it. If you want something, go get it! Period!”

To your success,


P:S: If you are willing to shape your OWN future, and doing something for your speech is YOUR decision, then this video is for you. I wish I had such an opportunity when I first decided to do something about my speech. It would have saved me a lot of TIME, MONEY and FRUSTRATION… Don’t let others steal your dreams and shape your future. Let it be YOUR decision.

Here is the link of the video if you are interested.



very thouthfull, i think you have tried to answer your some opponent like mr sirphira or others like him, good motivational reply to them. It also help me to stay away from the negative thoughts fead up by some motivation sucker like people. Thank you, and please some tips for Kid stuttering, my son is of 6 years and stutters badly, how to help him.


Mustafa, this article was not intended to be an answer to anybody. Stuttering Dissolution and this blog is for people who wants to play this game to WIN, not for people who wants to play it for not to lose! Everything I create is to help you to change things for better and eventually achieve your ultimate goal. I am here for YOU and I am only motivated with the REAL LIFE RESULTS Stuttering Dissolution members get. The rest is just detail for me.

Regarding to your question about your kid’s stuttering, I already replied to your email.

Take care.

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