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Is Stuttering Dissolution Good or Is It Just Another Scam?


I searched for a SOLUTION to my stuttering problem for YEARS!

I was very excited and full of hope before going through or trying some of the stuttering treatments which were supposed to eliminate my stuttering.

However, I ended up feeling like the worst human being on the planet post-therapy.

I felt frustrated, angry, sad, hopeless and like a complete FAILURE!

Other than some rare cases which I was able to benefit, most of my “stop stuttering” experiences were not positive. In fact they were all EMOTIONALLY PAINFUL…especially post-treatment!

I simply was a victim of false promises for years!

I was looking for a solution, and I was told several times that “X/Y/Z treatment” was the solution… until I found out it really was not.

Was it because of me?

I don’t know, maybe.

Maybe I wasn’t ready for the change.

But, I personally know a lot of stutterers who have been going through the same painful experiences. Therefore, it would be unfair to say the problem was just me.

I am not sure if you could relate with those frustrated experiences but you might be one of those frustrated people who lost all your hopes about overcoming your stuttering challenge.

Anyways, long story short…

I know how it feels to be mislead by some unethical people and organizations.

There are a lot of stuttering programs, speech therapy courses, treatments for stuttering, online stuttering programs and other solution alternatives which have been trying to take advantage of the strong emotions we have around our stuttering.

…and I hated that.

Therefore, when I put together Stuttering Dissolution Online Academy, I promised myself that I’ll never do the same to people who are going through what I had gone through for years.

I’ve been completely honest to people and have been doing my best to change their speech and their life for better… and all the feedback I’m getting from people who decided to study Stuttering Dissolution products have been GREAT.

To be honest with you, that’s what makes me feel great inside. The value I’ve been providing to people who really want to do something for their stuttering has been paying off by all the great feedback I receive from people.

That simply means to me that all the hard work, time, energy and money I put into Stuttering Dissolution Online Academy was not wasted!

…and that’s what motivates me to keep doing what I’ve been doing in Stuttering Dissolution!

I’ve always been honest…

I never told people that they can stop stuttering in 9 minutes. I never told them that I have the magic pill which will cure their stuttering overnight.


That doesn’t mean I didn’t believe that people can overcome stuttering. I strongly believe that stutterers can improve their speeches to a great level and eventually overcome stuttering. That’s what Stuttering Dissolution is BASED on anyways…overcoming stuttering is a CHOICE!

I hear people asking questions in stuttering groups, on internet forums and on social media;

Is Stuttering Dissolution good or is it just another scam?

Is Chazzler good or is he an unethical guy who is trying to rip people off by using their strong feelings about stuttering against them?

Does Stuttering Dissolution really work?

Is Stuttering Dissolution helpful?

I don’t like to talk about myself. It’s just not my style.

But I’ll let REAL PEOPLE (like yourself) answer those questions for you.

Here is another feedback I received a couple days ago from a great guy, Michael from Israel.

Just click the play button to listen what Michael says about Stuttering Dissolution Multimedia Program.

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

You can check out the video I created for SDMP by clicking here.

If you are serious about doing something for your speech today, then I will have a special surprise for you. That surprise will not last long though, so don’t miss it!

Here is your link to the page with a special surprise.

Until next time, as one of my mentors used to say…

Live fully, love openly and make a difference TODAY!




hi, I have been reading your blog regarding stuttering dissolution from some times, they were helpfull for PWS.
But, now i am noticing you that all your articles are intended for selling your products, you are not willing to share those techniques freely with your bolg readers.
You merely want me to buy your package. I am not going to buy that, because i have already spent too much money on this.
But now i am looking for expert who want to help PWS even without cost. However, if i benefit from your efforts i will donate volunteerly.
Hope you understand me
Your early blog fan Mustafa


Hi Mustafa,
Thanks for your comments..however I don’t think this blog is intended only to sell the products I create..I think with free video ecourses, special reports, articles, audios and videos I am already providing a huge value.

I have been doing my best to give away as much information as I can but it is just impossible to provide everything on here with a couple articles and videos..that’s why the products I put together are all complete packages which includes everything a PWS need to know in order to improve his/her speech to a great level and eventually achieve his/her desired outcome..

Considering the fact that an average one hour speech therapy session costs around $75 and that I spent more than $20,000 to be able to reach my speaking goals, the prices of SD products are extremely affordable and under-priced… especially when we consider the value they are providing.

Just curious though…
I have got help from hundreds of people and organizations and I paid in exchange for the value they created for me. Why does it make you feel bad when it comes to doing the same? Don’t you/we pay our psychologist, mentors, speech therapists, the books we buy, the organizations we attend, etc.? Do you work at your job (which you spent at least 40 hours a week) for free?

However, if there is anybody who TRULY cannot afford SD products, then I am always happy to give him/her a hand…

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