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Live Online Session On Stuttering and Stammering by Chazzler DiCyprian and Geoff Johnston


ChazzlerandGeoff-OnlineSessiononStuttering2I am very excited for you.

…and here is why!

Watch this video I created and please follow those 3 simple steps.

If you are a person who has a stuttering challenge in life and you want to improve your speech to a great level where stuttering would not be a challenge in your life anymore, I am sure you’ll find this very helpful.



Make sure to follow these 3 steps and I’ll see you in the session.

STEP-1: Ask your question by commenting below.

STEP-2: Click here and sign up, so you won’t miss the session

STEP-3: Share this video and help others!

I’ll send you an email before the session so you can plan accordingly.

In this LIVE online video training, you’ll learn:

  • How to deal with the fear of speaking
  • How to control and eliminate unproductive thoughts
  • What are some specific techniques to deal with unpleasant blocks
  • Stage fear and tips about presentations and speaking to a group
  • How to control and manage panic&stress
  • How to deal with regular daily conversations
  • How to stay positive when you are working on to improve your speech
  • How to handle job interviews with confidence
  • Why stuttering fluctuates depending on our mood and what to do about it
  • How to tackle challenging speaking situations such as speaking on the phone or interacting with intimidating people such as our boss, teacher, etc.
  • And a lot more…

Important Note: If for any reason you can’t make it, I’ll try to record the session so you can watch it later. However, you need to sign up so I can contact you and send you the details of the recorded video. So, whether you are planning to make it live or want to watch the replay, make sure to follow step-2 above.

Take care and see you in the session.

All the best,





You’ve really become a valuable resource for the world-wide stuttering community. You website is brilliant and keeps getting better.

All the best,



Thanks for this great commment John!

We already arranged a webinar with you too, so I am sure people will love that session as well;)


God bless you.Thank you for everything you provided.

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