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Stuttering and a great movie called The King’s Speech


Have you heard about the movie “The King’s Speech”?

Lately, the movie is being discussed EVERYWHERE. People are talking about the movie and stuttering on TVs, on radios, on newspapers, on magazines, on the internet…everywhere!

This is great for the stuttering community… not only because it will raise stuttering awareness but also because of the fact that this movie will probably change the negative outlook to stutterers and stuttering. It may lead even you to question your perceptions and beliefs about your stuttering. The stutterer is a high status figure in the movie, which is unusual considering hundreds of movies made in this industry for years. Check out the official trailer.

You shouldn’t miss this movie. it is a must see for every PWS.
Who knows, this movie may open new doors for our community!

I think it is now in theaters in most of the countries all around the world.

Below, I’m sharing the King’s Speech official movie trailer with you.
Check it out and feel free to share your thoughts with us below.

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