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Stuttering and Dating – 7 Stuttering Tips For Your Dating Life


Valentine’s Day is around the corner. So, I decided to talk about an interesting subject; stuttering and dating!

Meeting new people and dating . A very important area of a PWS’s life which is negatively affected by his/her stuttering.

In this article, I’m going to cover some tips and advices which you can use to
1) not ruin a potential cool dating experience
2) create attraction by using the fact that you are a stutterer.

I think it is important to understand these points which we’ll cover in a minute… and reflect them to your life in a positive way, because dating/relationships is one of the top 4 most important aspects of one’s life.

When It Comes To Dating, Stuttering Can Be A Huge Setback
For People Who Stutter.

The word “dating” and  “stuttering” are surrounded by a lot of limiting beliefs, therefore most PWS are missing this fun side of their life.

If you learn how to handle this part of your life, you can enjoy your dating life to the fullest and  eventually have a great relationship with the person of YOUR CHOICE.

Below Are 7 Stuttering Tips And Advices Which Will Help You When It Comes To Your Stuttering and Dating Life. You’ll Also Learn How You Can Even CREATE Attraction By USING The Fact That You Are A Stutterer…

1. Never give the impression that you see your stuttering as a flaw, or you believe that you are pitiful and your stuttering makes you less than others .

2. Bring the topic of stuttering and your speech to the table as soon as you can. May be not in the first 5 minutes but preferably the first day you meet. I know, you’re probably asking:
“How COULD I possibly do that? Admitting this fact to even MYSELF is a nightmare, forget about admitting it to somebody who I am interested in”… and you are right to a point.

You are right that disclosing it to him/her is not easy at all. But if you know HOW to communicate that the RIGHT way you can use it even to your advantage and leave a great IMPRESSION on him/her.  The more you keep this “obvious secret” in you, the more it’ll distract your thoughts and your emotions.

3. Make sure you communicate in a way that you are self-confident despite your stuttering challenge. In fact if you can talk openly about it, make jokes(without putting yourself down) and laugh, it’ll communicate all the right things about you. It’ll communicate that stuttering is something which doesn’t CONTROL who you REALLY are, you are a STRONG CHARACTER and you don’t let stuttering to construct your SELF-IMAGE in a negative way.

4. Stuttering does not define who you are, it is what you do. Keep this mindset all the time.

5. Bring the topic to judging other people. Tell him/her that you ACCEPT people the way they are and you never judge people too early. Tell him/her that you used to go through tough feelings because of your stutter but now that you are a lot stronger personality you don’t mind them judging or  talking negative about you! (I am hoping all these applies to you because in reality you should be such a person to achieve success in life).

You might also want to take it to the next level, be on the fun side and say;
“In fact I kinda like it, the fact that all those people are talking about me makes me feel like a celebrity” 🙂

6. If you don’t make a huge deal of it, he/she won’t either. Do NOT talk about your speech in a very negative way. People who don’t know you well usually get an impression of you depending on the way YOU COMMUNICATE. So be careful how you COMMUNICATE and how you POSITION your stuttering in your life.

7. Communicate as if stuttering is a cool feature of you. However, do this with humor so you don’t sound like a dork who are trying to hide his/her insecurities:) Do it in a playful and fun manner.

For example, tell her/him “Lets make a deal. The dinner is on you… and in return, I’ll let you borrow my cool “speech” for a day. You can go ahead and speak to all your friends with my “speech” to reflect charisma and become the coolest person in your social circle” 🙂

Does that make sense?

If your mindset is “stuttering makes me a less person, therefore I don’t deserve you” then she/he would play along and comes to the CONCLUSION that if you think so about yourself then you are probably RIGHT.

However, if your attitude is exactly the opposite and you communicate it the right way, then she/he will go with YOUR BELIEFS as the “reality”!

I hope those stuttering tips and advices help you to spice up your dating life when it comes to dating, your stuttering challenge and how you can use it to your advantage.

You can actually use the fact that you stutter to CREATE attraction.

I know, hard to believe, but true!

That’s how we start to CHALLENGE our limiting beliefs and DISSOLVE them.

I wish you a Happy Valentine’s Day… with the person YOU CHOOSE!

… and if you don’t have any special one to celebrate it with, don’t worry, because those stuttering tips and advices for your dating life are good NOT ONLY for 14th of February but also for the other 364 days of the year 😉

Have a great one and I’ll talk to you soon,

Your friend,


P.S: I didn’t have any plans to write on such a topic but I guess it is too late to think about it now. Well, there you have it. Leave me a comment below and let me know what you think about it…

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Chazzler! This is such a great article! Thank you for writing it 🙂


Jalin, I know, of course it is! :p
Kidding aside, I’m glad you liked it 😉


Thats Great Work! Thank You Chazzler for everything you’ve so far 😛 Keep It Up 🙂


everything you’ve done***


Amir,a lot more are on the way, so (assuming you are on the SD newsletter list) keep an eye on your mailbox;) I’ll have a surprise ONLY for the SD Newsletter subscribers very soon. So anybody who haven’t subscribed yet, it’s FREE and you are missing a lot!

By the way, I’ll post the video version of this article on the blog in a couple days. It’ll be about me and the type of women I like 😀
I’m hoping you didn’t take that last comment seriously 🙂


a great article worth reading, made my day


Dear Chazzler,
Thanks a lot . your ideas are very motivating.Now i will say: stuttering is a one of my specialty.

Thanks & Regards
Arun Kumar


@Nicholas: glad it helped Nicholas. There is a video version of it on the blog, make sure to watch that as well;)

@Arun: I think we all should realize the fact that we won’t have a second chance to enjoy “today” again! That fact by itself is a strong enough driving force for us to start living our life to the fullest…

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