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Stuttering and Stammering – 4 Questions Every PWS Needs To Answer


I can assure you that failing to address these 4 questions is the last thing you want to do when it comes to your stuttering challenge and your happiness in life.

Achievement of your speech related goals(overcoming stuttering and stammering) and the quality of your life are both closely related with the way you address and answer these 4 questions.

Let’s go over those 4 easy but critical questions every PWS (person who stutters) needs to answer…

1) What do I really want in life?

This single question is the core reason why most people are not happy in life. Most people either;

* don’t know what they really want in life… or
* what they “think” they want and therefore aim for in life does not match what they really want.

What is it that you want in life? Your answer should include everything which would make you feel good, right? This can be anything you get, achieve, be, etc…

How important are family, success, nature, peace, fame, money, power, image, social proof, helping others for you?

Those are shaped around your values in life. What would make you happy in life? The answer of this question differs from person to person depending on one’s personality characteristics, culture and values in life.

You are the only one who can find the answer of that question deep in you!

Let me give you an example on that…

Let’s say helping others, social proof, being center of attention and being seen as an authority figure are important factors which make you feel good… and therefore you decided that becoming a public speaker is one of the major achievements you want in life since it would meet every single one of those factors.

Deep down you know that becoming an inspirational speaker is going to make you feel great.

2) Considering the level of my stuttering today, do I need to improve my speech and myself as a whole person to be able to get what I want?

You found out what you really want in life in the first question… anything you achieve/get/be. If you drill down, you can actually discover the core purpose of your life, but this is totally a different topic so I’ll leave that discussion to another time.

You addressed the first question and now know what you want in life, right? However, are you able to get what you want as the person you are today? Are you good enough to get what you want or do you need to improve yourself in various areas and acquire new skills in order to get/achieve what you want in life?

Let’s get back to our example; becoming an inspirational public speaker and speaking on stage…

Do you need to improve yourself on areas such as speaking smoothly, expressing yourself clearly, communicating effectively, stage performance, etc.?

This is the point where you decide whether you are going to go for what you want in life or come up with excuses and let your dream die.

Self-acceptance and self-analysis are critical at this stage.

So let’s assume you decided that you need to improve both your speech and yourself as a whole person to be able to get what you want.

3) Do I really want to do something about my stuttering and improve my speech if needed?

Figuring out what you need is very important, but the real question is…

Do you really want to do something about it?

I have seen people who are just lazy. I have seen people who think it is too much work. I have seen people who expect others to solve their problems for them… without them doing anything.

People are just different in their own ways. Some people simply don’t have that motivation and will power to go after what they want in life. I respect their choices in life, but they better get used to being “average” because as tough as it may sound that’s the best they will get from life.

You are the starring actor of your movie called “your life”. You are the core! If you don’t really want or are not motivated enough to do something about your speech and improve yourself in other areas which will enable you to get what you want in life, then there is no point to go after it.

When it comes to our example;

Do you really want to do whatever it takes to improve your speech and overcome your stuttering challenge so you can become a very successful speaker who can speak and share his/her message effectively by helping and on the same time inspiring thousands?

4) How can I improve my speech and eventually overcome my stuttering so I can remove the obstacle of stuttering out of my way to get what I want in life?

If you have made it till this last question you are an extremely strong candidate to become successful in getting what you want in life… which means a fulfilled and quality life full of positive emotions.

At this point you need to find out what you can do to improve your speech and overcome your stuttering and stammering challenge…or acquire any other skills which are needed to achieve what will serve your values and make you feel good in life.

You can research and consider your options. Find and learn from role models who had already achieved what you want to achieve.

So, what would be my suggestion to you?

A good starting point is the 5-part FREE Video eCourse which I put together for you. You can access and watch the video series by clicking here.

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This has been a “different” article. I may have even confused you a bit since those questions sound very simplistic and obvious. But believe me, those are some core questions which we all need to address and answer carefully. They being “simple” does not mean we can afford to miss addressing them effectively.

Those are 4 critical questions which will guide you when it comes to your stuttering and stammering as well as the quality of your life. Quality meaning the degree you are satisfied with your life which is directly correlated with your how you feel about yourself and your life.

Until next time, take care yourself…

and if you have any questions or comments related to stuttering and stammering, do not hesitate to send them to

I’ll answer them in my articles, video presentations and even by recording live videos so everyone can benefit from it.

Talk soon

Your friend,


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