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Stuttering Awareness Day and Your Biggest Dream (Videos)


Stuttering Awareness Day and Yout Big DreamLast year I shared these 2 videos with you on International Stuttering Awareness Day. People just LOVED those 2 videos (you can watch them below).

This year I’d like to do something different…

In fact, I’d like all of us to let those limiting beliefs go and push the limits!

Here is what I planned.

I want all of us to do 2 things.

1- Comment below and write how you REALLY feel about your stuttering. It doesn’t matter if it is positive or negative. Just SHARE it without holding back!

If you hate it say “I HATE it”. If you are frustrated with it just say it. If you blame others, just write “I blame …. for my stuttering”. If you think stuttering made you to work on yourself say “Stuttering made me a better person”. If you think people around you, your family, your friends and even strangers make the life easier or harder for you just share that too.

Today is all about letting people know how we really feel and what we really expect from others when it comes to stuttering in general. Just share your feelings even if it is a simple one word sentence.

2- First watch the videos and then I’ll explain what this second point is…

Below are the 2 videos I shared last year which LOVED by a lot of people in the stuttering community. If you like these videos too, please share this page with others so people can benefit from it and we spread our voice to the world.




Now, back to our second point… which is the real reason why I wanted to made this post.

Write down your BIGGEST DREAM in life below in the comment area…and please(!) write it whether you think it is possible or not!

Just once in lifetime, do not hold back, don’t let your stuttering be an obstacle on your way and SHARE your BIGGEST DREAM with other PWS(people who stutter).

Whether you think it’s “realistic” or not. Don’t give a sh..(sorry for my language) to your stuttering once and JUST SHARE YOUR BIGGEST DREAM IN LIFE!

I guess I have to start with sharing mine…

My dream is: Giving a motivational speech to a full room of people (and I mean more than at least 500 people) as a highly valued speaker… and moving and inspiring the audience so much that at the end of my speech everybody stands up and cheer for the speech like crazy! All my family and loved ones are there too and I can see their eyes are shinning with pride. I want it to be all over the media the next day a success story of how a person can achieve anything in life no matter what “obstacles” they might think they have in life.

Now is your turn. What is YOUR DREAM like? Explain it in detail if you like to.

Remember, I’d LOVE IT MORE if it sounds “not realistic”.

Happy International Stuttering Awareness Day to you all.

Your friend,




Great example. Thanks for sharing.


glad the message was taken, Rooban;)


I sallute for his confidence….
Before him, my problem is nothing…
Now I realize that unnecessarily we underestimate ourselves-is the problem…
If we choose & travel towards the right path,we can be successful….I hope that following your advices guides me….
Thank you friend…

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