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Stuttering Dissolution Reviews – Thank You All!


This is an email I sent to my list yesterday but I thought it’d be helpful to share this with people who are not on my list too.

I can’t imagine even a single logical reason why a person who has a stuttering challenge in life wouldn’t be on this list, but oh well I guess you just enjoy missing free great content 🙂

Here is the email I sent yesterday.


I was just checking some of the emails I received and I have to admit that I had to control myself for not to cry 🙂

I once again realized that the reason I decided to start Stuttering Dissolution Online Academy and the reason I am still here is YOU and YOUR SUCCESS!

I wouldn’t be here working so hard on this website (for more than 2 years now) if it wasn’t for you, your feedback and what you have been achieving in your life as a result of Stuttering Dissolution…both in terms of your speech and your overall life quality!

Here are just a couple of those great feedback I am talking about.

Thank you for all your support, kind words and letting me know about your personal change… it makes me happy to see you getting results and sure it motivates the hell out of me:)


You can read and listen those feedback by clicking here.

Thank you for making me realize that all my hard work and the time, money and energy I put into this is not wasted and this material is actually changing lives!

All the best,


P.S: I confirmed with everybody who I quoted on the page, but if you don’t want your name or even the initials to be on there please let me know and I’ll take it off as soon as possible. Also, please do not forget to click the “like” button on the left side of the page if you enjoy the feedback. Here is the page I am talking about.

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