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Stuttering Help – How To Improve Your Self Confidence By Using Your Body Correctly!


stutteringhelp-howtoincreaseselfconfidenceWe all know that confidence plays a HUGE role when it comes to our speech and to our “good buddy” stuttering.

Let me ask you this…

Do you speak more fluently and smoothly when you feel more confident?

That was exactly the case in my situation.

The level of self confidence I was feeling was directly reflecting to my speech fluency in any specific speaking situation.

But I just wasn’t confident enough and I didn’t know what to do about it.

I knew that “if and only if I was confident” then my speech could get better.

However, the issue was;

In order to feel more confident, I had to speak better.

So it was kind of a “egg-chicken” dilemma 🙂 Which one comes first? Good speech or confidence?

Then, throughout my stuttering dissolution journey, I found out that there are many ways to improve one’s self confidence.

…and one of those ways (and probably the easiest one to apply) is to use your body correctly…in other words, effective body language!

I listened this talk a while ago and even though it is not directly related to stuttering, I think there are a lot of tips in this video which applies to stuttering and stammering.

Enjoy the video… and please like, comment and share if you find it helpful.



So, what do you think about the video?

Do you think it is OK to “fake it until you BECOME it”?

Let me know by commenting below.

…and of course don’t forget to like and share it with others so we can reach, touch and help more people in our stuttering community.

All the best,


P.S: the moral of the story from my perspective is ; if you are not confident, ACT AS IF you are confident until you BECOME confident. Each of us has that POTENTIAL IN US and you are one of us!



I liked the video and find it helpful for everyone but it’s hard to accept which one is first to improve, the speech or the confidence. I think the both depend and influenced each other.


That’s a great question, Mihail.

Confidence is not something like an on/off switch, so you build it gradually. Same with improving your speech. Therefore, my suggestion is to learn effective speaking tools and techniques which will give you the confidence to face your challenging speaking situations. The more you’ll able to manage those speaking situations the more confident you’ll start to feel.

So, use speaking techniques as cruthces to get positive results and build your confidence in your ability that “you can”. Then, the rest will fall in place a lot easier because you’ll keep challenging your limiting beliefs.

Of course, assuming your inner game(mindset, beliefs, thoughts and feelings) are supporting your speaking techniques. As I always say, learning speaking techniques is not a stand alone solution, it needs to be supported by a strong… what I call “inner game”.

Hope this helps.


Good work Chazzler DiCyprian!

Do you know of any program aiming for getting self-confidence?
Do you know of any program aiming for getting self-esteem?
Kindest regards


It’s useful clip….thanks a lot….
I have a question for you…
Sometimes I speak very well without any strucks…that time my mind feels free…
But sometimes I couldn’t speak continuesly…I’ve observed that there is heavy in my mind @ that time…
How can I defeat this situation & speak…is it inner game..?it’s not clear for me…

Kind regards for you….


hi Sir,I am from India belonged to a small too a stutter since childhood.this video really given me a self confidence.I am a teacher,when I teaching students I am not a stutter at all.but I when the class over and come to my staff room,I am a Stutter again.I know its due to my lack of confidence only.from now I am going to bring my confidence through my body language.
thanks Sir.

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