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Stuttering Help – I Am Answering All Your Stuttering Help Questions!


Please comment below the video and let me know which one of those stuttering help topics would help you the most.

Also, feel free to write down your specific questions about stuttering and I’ll address all those questions in the future videos.

Click on the picture to watch the video I am talking about.

Stuttering Help Topics:
1) Stuttering Techniques
2) Stuttering Concepts
3) Self Development Topics
4) Communication Skills
5) Public Speaking Skills

Do you have any specific question about stuttering and stammering which you want me to answer? You can write those down as well and I’ll try to address all of those in the future videos.

Talk soon,




Hi chazzler,first of all I appreciate you even though you improved your speech to great level you are still interested in stuttering so as to help stutterer such as me.In fact Pws need all 5 topic that you wrote but if I only have a few choice,I want stuttering concepts and self development tecnique.I hope you would put some videos about those asap.take care chazzler

Vassilios Kazakidis
February 4th, 2012 at 4:25 pm

Hi Chazzler,
First of all, thank you for your great efford.It makes a difference.
I feel that the stuttering concepts (2) and the public speaking skills (5) are most important for me.
I followed the tips you gave me about mouth breathing and I saw an improvement. I see to remaining issues:
(i) how to start again when I stample on a sound (usually a constinent) and
(ii) to avoid desynchonization of thinking and speaking in cases when my stuttering stops me. I cannot think quickly to apply a technique without interrupting my thought process.

I have the opportunity to test the techniques in the lectures byweekly.


Hi Chazzler

At first, thank’s for the support and efforts you make. Of course I concider all five topics are important of it’s own but for me Speaking techniques(1) and Comunication skills(4) are more important for the time beeing. I try to use the techniques learnd from Video course and will get interested about anything else.

Best regerds

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