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The Mic Is Yours

Below are some REAL feedback from REAL people about Stuttering Dissolution Online Academy 😉

These great feedback is a result of:



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Michael B. from Israel

“Well Chazzler,
I am not going to say thank you, thanks for this bla bla bla, as I believe
you’ve already receive comments like that millions of times.
I will just say long live my friend, let the God be with you.”

Luka Lukovski from USA

“Thank you very much Chazzler, for giving such a great
video ecourse as a nice gift
. It was again very motivational, inspirational
and knowledgeable as always. Thank you many times once again.”

Mark A. from UK

“…at first didn’t think it would do me good but as time went by you proved me otherwise..what I have learned is to live my life to the fullest and stop feeling sorry for myself, I’ve realized that I’ve been missing out on life simply because I’ve been afraid to expose myself to the world, I’ve just recently changed the course that i was doing, just applied for multimedia studies in the university of johhannesburg in south africa..if it wasn’t for you id be doing financial studies so id avoid communication in the job that I’d be doing later in life, stuttering used 2 be a nightmare but thanks to you I’ve woken up to a new life..thanks for showing me that confidence rules everything!”

Bonginkosi Solly from South Africa

“Your Stuttering Dissolution Program is every-time-motivational program.
Whenever, one feels negative, just listen it again. It again charges you
up. It charges me up. Besides, the material in it is just incredible!

Fernando S. from Germany

“Chazzler, what I like about your materials and you is that
you are honest, you speak from the heart and you are not trying to
mislead people just to sell them so called stuttering “cures” which
are all lies. It’s obvious that your primary goal is to help people who
suffer from stuttering. In addition, even though you are not promoting
a cure or quick fix(which would be a total lie) your materials are very
result oriented and helped me to improve both my speech and my life
tremendously. I feel like a totally different person now!

Chad W. from Texas, USA

“Thanks for putting yourself out there and being such a positive force
for the stuttering masses wondering what the hell they need to do
to stop holding back and start having a more engaging and meaningful
experience with the rest of humanity. Love life, love yourself, express yourself.
Thanks for everything Chazzler.

R. Somerville from Auckland, New Zeland

“I really like all your emails and materials, they really help me a lot.”

Mehdi A. from Toronto, Canada.

This mail really touched me deep inside.I felt that all the symptoms
you have mentioned are 99% similar with me. And it gave me a new
platform to accept the challenge and complete it..
Thanx alot…”

Omkar from India

“I really like your posts. They make a lot of sense. A lot!
Keep doing the good thing, Chazzler. You’re making a real contribution.

John Harrison from San Francisco, USA

“Hey Chazzler,
First of all thanks a ton and hats off to you for such a sincere efforts
to help other person who stutter. I feel very obliged that i am receiving
your mails and they are really very good
First when i signed up, i was not expecting that i will receive such mails
from you. I checked my mail box today again and I am amazed.
Your mails are really very good and very helpful.”

Deepak B. from India

“I and all in your list will love to receive such mails from you.”

Abhilash from India

“Thanks a lot my friend, you inspire me day by day.”

Anthony L. from USA

“First of all I would like to thank you for the initiative & your
precious time that you’ve spend on me. I’ve learnt that the
e-mails that you’ve been sending to me is not just something
out of the blue. It shows enthusiasm, passion and dedication to
put pieces of words
and write such e-mails. Oh! and by the way
you are my “STUTTERING BREAKTHROUGH MENTOR”, that’s what I call you.”

Herman from Namibia

“Those e-mails my friend, I even get confused because I sometimes think
that you are an author of motivational books
. But hey like I said is because
of your enthusiasm. Those emails made me to understand what is stuttering,
how it can affect someones life emotionally and physically. For the past few
weeks I discovered who I am and how stuttering affect me and how it can
affect my entire life if I am not acting, thats because of those emails.”

H.T from UK

“…apparently you suffered from stuttering and you know exactly what is
going through the life of a stutter
which makes more awesome about your material.”

Melisa from UK

“…once again I am still a full blown stutter, but I know that I will
overcome it. Three months ago I wouldn’t have just said what i’ve
said in the preceding sentence, but is because of those information you share.”

Mike from Holland

“I hv been trying the technique you shared with us since 2-3 days
and also I tried today in my group session. It works brillant. It gave
me improvement from last time, when I was breathless. Thank you
for giving such an awesome idea which works!

Gokhan T. from Istanbul, Turkey

“Thank you that is a very helpful video. Its interesting what you say
about physical state. I had an oral presentation for a design project
at uni, I approached it assertively and confidently and nailed it.

Patrick D. from Canada

“Thank you, Chazzler!
I started working with your materials and it is making a lot of sense
to me and fills me with hope again. I especially like your premise that
our goal is freedom from blocking mentality and not fluency per se. Also
the way to relate to fluency techniques – view them as a tool to build
self confidence and face our fears and limiting beliefs and not the ways
to cover up – hide stuttering.”

Inna K. from Canada

“…I feel that your multimedia program is very well structured
and compiled
. I hear it almost every day while driving for work.
The best part or section in the multimedia package which I like
and listen to repeatedly is the “21 essentials of stuttering dissolution
journey” coz it helps me in 2 ways:
1. Motivate
2. Focus

It motivates me to keep going on the road to fluency and it also makes
me believe that it can be done. The other thing is, it tells me the areas
where I need to focus on to attain the goal which I’m looking for and
that is managing my speech. The fluency part of it as you say comes
as a by-product gradually.

I see you as my role model coz you have travelled through the troubled
waters as well and finally crossed over. I’m still lurking around it and I need
somebody to look up to who can help me get out of it or in this context,
help me cross over. I know its me who’s got to do the hard work of crossing
over but at least you can guide me through so that I don’t take the wrong
turns which could make my journey that much more difficult.
Thanks for everything.”

Vivek Singh from India

“Your Stuttering Dissolution Multimedia Program follows a
completely natural and biological way of speaking.
Its tools and techniques have given me assertiveness and
allowed me to speak whatever I want. Contrary to physical
sound producing techniques, this program teaches a stutterer
to communicate effectively by just speaking in his own rhythm,
style and speed without any problems

Sid from India

“…Ultimately, you are making a HUGE difference in my life.”

Richard N. from Australia

“…Thanks, you’re doing amazing work!

Alexander W. from Brazil

“…The points which you’ve suggested is spot on and i’m
really motivated to use them when i face my next interview
for a job change. Thanks a million for a wonderful insight
you’ve given me
to tackle the situation with this speech impediment
which i think would augur well for my quest for a better future for
myself and my family.”

Donald M. from USA

“First of all, I personally feel that the content of your e-mails and material
is very motivating and touching to an individual who has gone through the
same situation as of yourself and myself.Thank you for contributing so
much in our views about stuttering.”

Matt T. from UK

“Hey Chazzler,
First of all thanks a ton and hats off to you for such a sincere efforts to
help other person who stutter. I feel very obliged that i am receiving your
mails and they are really very good.”

Lue H. from California, USA

“A very thank you Chazzler. After reading ur last mail, I cannot hide to say
that “That was the best and superb email I have ever received from u”.
It certainly gave an extremely effective solution to my Doubts and query.
And I didn’t felt, actually, it was a long mail, as it was so interesting to
read it.Thank u once again.Ur idea of pauses is extremely good. I m amazed,
I haven’t thought of that so long.

Rafael. R from Mexico

“…you are doing a wonderful job and great initiative which are helping stutters by sharing your experience and learnings. You are making truly and outstanding difference in the society and helping people not only to overcome stuttering but to make them mentally strong.

I am learning A LOT from you and your products.”

Matthew C.

“I have just viewed your online videos and let me tell you that these videos have been more helpful than the stuttering help books that i bought a few years back! Truly wonderful to have found a knowledgeable person who can explain, step by step, the necessary requirements to overcome stuttering!”

Michael M.

“Words cannot describe how i feel, the manner in which you present your videos and everything else is simply great, it presents best what you want to get across. Wish i had come across your program long time ago.


“I’ve watched your videos and they helped me more than anything I’ve experienced. In fact, these videos are awesome. You’re doing a great job and I hope you’ll continue.”


“I watched all your e-course videos and I cant thank you more. Both your recommended inner game and physical techniques work very well for me. My first goal is to overcome the fear while making a phone call. I think I can fully understand what you are talking about in your videos and e-books and I use it successfully when making phone calls. ‘Within 3days I phoned dozen businesses, stores in the Yellowpage with confidence. I am so excited and happy with my success, yes, I can do it now. Thank you so much for the joy you brought to me.”


“…stuttering has affected me academically and my whole life, all along i have been belittling myself, looking down upon myself, but after watching your videos, I’m feeling more confident and assertive, I’m now ready to take on and dissolve this iceberg of stuttering that is limiting my life.”


“First of all I would like to say that I pretty much invested every stuttering related product out there. But, kudos to your efforts for creating such a wonderful package. Your hard work and dedication is clearly visible in this package. It’s the best compilation of fluency shaping techniques (all the 3 – breathing , physical and mental) I’ve seen anywhere online or offline.Thanks for creating such a priceless package Chazzler and I’m sure that it would help whoever is willing to invest in this course.”

Vivek Singh from India

“I really appreciate what you are doing for me and for other stutterers, your program is simply the best, you are wonderful. God bless”

Tina A.

Very nice tips Chazzler. You are the best I have ever seen.”

David. M from USA

“…I just wanted to say that last week i had a lecture on a speech therapy center, about my story. I called it “a life with chains” (translated) and it went great! Some parents of with kids that stutter came and shaked my hands afterwards. Thank you!”


The reasons of all these great feedback are: