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The Ultimate Approach of How To Stop Stammering


how to stop stammering

Are you tired of looking for a solution to stop stammering? Do you feel like your life is going nowhere just because you haven’t been able to stop stammering?

You can give yourself a break, stop everything you’re doing right now and read this short article. You’ll find everything you need to know about how to stop stammering in this article.

I am going to explain you why most people fail in speech therapy but before that lets talk about our main topic.

The ultimate approach to stop stuttering.

Do you think there is actually an “ultimate approach” when it comes to stop stammering or overcome our stuttering challenge?

Yes!.. YES, there is!

I’m a stutterer who had gone through very tough times in my life just because of my stammering and I know that it (an ultimate approach) does exists. I am not claiming this based on my own experiences only but also based on hundreds of other successful journeys as well. You might not see those people everywhere taking active roles in the stuttering community, but the reason is they kept going with their regular life which they are now enjoying to the fullest with no stammering issues. They may not be all 100% fluent all the time but I know that there are hundreds of people who were able to reach a level where stammering is not an issue in their life anymore. Simply, they were able to remove the obstacle of stammering out of their way!

They somehow found a way and managed to overcome this problem called stammering (or stuttering).

So HOW did they do it?

Simply, there are 2 critical components of your stuttering dissolution approach.

1) Inner game – Your Mentality

Anything you do in life, if you want to succeed, you need to get into and keep the right MINDSET. Your mentality plays a huge role in your success. Your belief system and the psychology are extremely important factors which should never be underestimated.

So what do I mean by this?


You need to be READY for the change, you need to WANT to change and you need to KNOW how to make that change happen.

You have to keep an open mind, understand that this is not an overnight cure and it needs to be worked on to master this skill called speaking.

You’ll have practice sessions. Not at home by yourself or in a therapy room like others but in REAL LIFE SITUATIONS. The way you approach those practice sessions are very important. Are you using your speaking tools and techniques to hide your stutter or are you using them to face your fears, challenge your limiting beliefs and prove yourself that you can do it by the help of those effective speaking tools and techniques?

2) Outer game – Your Speaking Tools and Techniques

Let’s assume that your inner game (the one we just discussed above) is tight. That by itself means you are “mentally” ready for the game. But we both know that in order to win a game you need to use your “outer skills” as well and when it comes to stuttering/stammering your speaking tools and techniques are your outer game… the skills you need to acquire!

Those are what will bring you RESULTS if your inner game is tight and supports your outer game.

Why do you think people mostly fail in speech therapies (or they get temporary results)?

Because they only focus on the outer game and using the technique, but they use their techniques with the wrong MINDSET, their mentality and the way they approach the problem is NOT right.

What we briefly talked about above are the two extremely critical and mandatory components of the ultimate approach, the right way to stop stammering in the most effective way.

If you are a person who stutters, you probably don’t want to make this happen only for yourself but also for your family and for your loved ones as well. After all, this is a problem which affects all areas of your life and you as a complete person. But…

I want you to keep your hopes high, because there IS hope and there are people who made this happen no matter what others think or say about overcoming stuttering/stammering.

I tried to give you a quick overview of “how to stop stammering” in the most complete and effective way. We briefly talked about how you can overcome and stop stammering so you’d remove the obstacle of stammering out of your way and enjoy the life you desire. In this limited time, we could only scratch the surface though.

If you are willing to explore more and learn specific techniques, strategies and how you can get yourself in the right mindset you need to be in, feel free to click here and check out this video which I put together for you… and if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me anytime.

Wish you the best,

Your friend,




This is a great blog. Thanks for sharing this great tips on stuttering

I’m new at blogging and will revisit often to share comments from my speech and language therapy sessions.


thx LeoMagan..feel free to share your comments anytime you like, I’ll be glad to see you got a nice blog for children who stutters by the way;) I’m always happy to see ppl who are trying to create value for the stuttering community.good luck.

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