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Will I Be Able To Overcome and Stop My Stutter If My Stutter Is Severe ?


We, as stutterers, love to compare ourselves with others, in fact we compare in a way that for some reason(!) “others” are always end up being SUPERIOR.

We also come up with EXCUSES (even though we know there are others who reached their speaking goals and are living the life of their dreams).

One of those most common excuses and comparison I hear is…

… I CANNOT overcome my stuttering challenge because I am a SEVERE stutterer while he/she who overcame was NOT.

How severe is YOUR stuttering?

Can you answer that question for me?

You probably can, but the important thing is, are you answering it RIGHT?!

There are two points which amazes me… and I have two questions.

First of all, how can somebody identify how severe his/her stuttering is? … and secondly, how does one come to the conclusion that if he/she is a severe stutterer there is NOTHING that can be done?!

We usually classify one’s stuttering as mild, moderate and severe. However, besides those 3 levels I think there are other 2 components of stuttering severity which you cannot afford to miss!

1. The severity of one’s PHYSICAL SPEECH STRUGGLE (solution: the outer game of stuttering)

2. The severity of one’s STUTTERING MINDSET (solution: the inner game of stuttering)

The physical speech severity is the amount of speech struggle you experience during your speech. On the other hand, the severity of STUTTERING MINDSET is the degree your stutter affects your beliefs about yourself and your life.

Let me give you an example to both of those cases.

Stutterer-A: Blocks every 2-3 words and hardly puts together a sentence without going through serious speech struggle. On the other hand, Stutterer-A does not try to hide his/her stuttering, is open about his stuttering and doesn’t think stuttering DEFINES who he is and instead he believes stuttering is what he DOES, not WHO he is!

Stutterer-B: Sometimes can speak fluently to a level that people cannot even realize he has a speech impediment. He is very good at “hiding” his stutter by using tricks such as avoidance, word substitution, using filler words, etc. However, he faces with problems when he speaks in some specific situations or have to use some words which cannot be substituted. Every time he avoids a situation he feels very bad DEEP INSIDE , he has a “hidden” low self-esteem and a very low self-confidence. Stuttering is a huge burden on his shoulders. He continously thinks about his stuttering and how low it makes him. Stuttering SHAPES all his beliefs, decisions and choices in his life. In simplest terms, he lets stuttering to hijack ALL his life! The primary concern in his life is his speech and how OTHERS will perceive him. The life turns around HIS STUTTERING.

Now, when you look from outside, Stutterer-A may look a lot more severe than Stutterer-B, right?
But is it really the case?

Yes, speech wise Stutterer-A has a lot more obvious speech struggles which can be considered as severe, but that’s the amount of power stuttering has ON him.

On the other side, Stutterer-B continously worry about his speech and are extremely focused on hiding his speech so no one would REALIZE it. This brings a HUGE stress on Stutterer-B and would definately make him a severe stutterer INSIDE. I think the damage stuttering creates on Stutterer-B is a lot more than Stutterer-A which would make Stutterer-B a lot more severe stutterer.

Now, think about how severe YOUR stuttering is. Physical wise it is not a tough question. However, there is also the second component which you cannot afford to miss.

How severe is your stuttering INSIDE? How much power does your stuttering have on YOU and on your LIFE?

I suggest you to give it some thought and answer those questions for YOUR case. Because only then you can tell where you are and where you need to GO to achieve your desired results!

Depending on your severity level, you would need to shift your focus to either the inner or the outer game of stuttering. Don’t get me wrong, essentially you need both, but identifying your severity level will give you some input on which to focus more.

I can’t tell you how severe you are without speaking to you personally and listening your story, but I can honestly tell you that no matter how severe you think you are, there is a HUGE room for improvement. You can improve your speech to a level where stuttering would NOT be an issue in your life anymore.

HOW do you do that?

If I try to answer that question on here, this article would go for DAYS… But if you are interested to get a complete education and training on how to overcome your stuttering in the most complete and effective way so you can SPEAK the way YOU want to speak even in your worst speaking situations, then I strongly suggest you to take a look at Stuttering Dissolution Multimedia Program which I put together for you. It took me 6 MONTHS to put together all that material. That is the package I WISH I had when I first decided to do something about my speech. It has everything you need, audio program, ebooks, interviews and videos…

Stuttering Dissolution Multimedia Program

Looking forward to see you there.

All the best,


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