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Great News! Free LIVE ONLINE TRAINING on How To Deal With Stuttering and Stammering In A Smart and Fun Way


live online stuttering trainingHey everyone,

I have some great news!

I am planning to organize a LIVE ONLINE TRAINING, where you’ll actually watch me deliver the training live!

…and the best part is;

It will be TOTALLY FREE for you!

Yep, no cost at all.

All you’ll need to do is to come to my website at the time of the event and watch the live training video online at the comfort of your own house.

How cool is that?:)

Oh and you’ll also be able to ask me questions live by simply typing your questions on that page while I deliver the training.


I’ll only organize this training, IF YOU ARE INTERESTED!

…and I have 2 simple questions for you;

1-) Are you interested in something like this?

2-) If you are interested, what specific stuttering subject
you want the training to be on? What can I help you with? or just tell me what you want to learn about.

Reminder: Please answer these by typing in the comment section of the page (at the bottom of the page).

At this point I need your feedback and ideas. Because, this whole thing is only for my special email list subscribers and Stuttering Dissolution Blog readers… for YOU!


I am very excited for this.

I am sure it’ll be a great session with high quality and helpful content. Besides, it’ll be fun too:)

So please answer the above 2 questions for me by commenting below, so I can make a decision on whether make this happen or not.

Hope enough people will be interested so we can make this happen.

Looking forward to hearing from you.


P.S: If you can’t make the training live, I’ll try to post the recording of the training, so you can watch it later on. Now, please comment below and let me know if you are interested. Also, please like and share this page, so we can spread the word and reach as many PWS as we can to be able to help each other out. Thanks and I hope to see you in the live online training!



Im interested .


Interested too!

I want to learn how to use those skills in real life, though you talked about it in the program, I still found it hard and I’m still afraid to talk to people.


Can you explain how we should speak to people who are intimidating, for example trying to speak to a professor in front of the class or approaching a stranger.


Thanks so much for the generous offer! I would appreciate it if you could offer recommendations for people whose stuttering – blocking – appears to flunctuate according to their moods and states of mind: fluent speech alternating with terrible blocking, apparently due to their different states of mind.


I am interested too.I want to learn how to overcome situational stuttering also some relaxation tecnique e.g breathing..


Sure – Im interested. I would like to know how to control a panic/stress. Because when you get a block, you usually wont think about tools/techniques but about how to “safe life” 🙂


Yes, I require this.

I am looking for addressing stage fears/public speaking fears etc.


Dear Chazz,

Thank you for your effort to plan for such program.

May God reward you for your unconditional efforts…Amen!

Regarding the specific point for the program,it may be quite beneficial to many of us if you may be able to cover about some skills to convince senior/authorotive persons….of course without disrespecting them….

Thanks and best Regards,




I think this is very valuable study and I am interested in with this study. There are subjects which are interesting for me listed below

How to control panic and stress
Skills in real life situations
Speaking to intimidating people
Presentations/speaking to a group
How to handle interviews with confidence

Thank you very much.


I’m also interested. I would like to know if yoga helps or not. Because when I block then its nearly impossible to speak again and have to force.I saw that yoga helps.


i am interested. please let me know the time when it will take place.


Thanks for the comments. We’ll see if there will be enough interest. If not, I’ll address all your questions in the upcoming video series. But, I took a note of each of your questions and requests, so they’ll all be covered one way or another! Cheers…


I am interested too.I want to learn how to overcome situational stuttering also some relaxation tecnique e.g breathing..


I am interested . i would like to know how to control stuttering while speaking in public situations.


Yes i am interested .I want express myself freely without any hesitation the new ideas arising in my mind in front of my teachers and friends.

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