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Archive for May, 2011

I wanted to create this video for those of you who enjoy watching video presentations.

The video explains 3 steps you must take to stop stuttering. To be honest, I don’t like the saying “stop stuttering” but hey blame the search engines for that 😉

This is the simplified version of How To Stop Stuttering Blueprint which successful stutterers have followed to reach their ultimate goal and overcome their stuttering challenge.

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Don’t tell me you haven’t done so. If you are a person who stutters and wants to do something about it, then you should definitely watch this video series without losing any more time. It’s free, so there is nothing to lose or worry about!

how can you stop stutteringI asked this question to myself hundreds of times every single day. How can I stop stuttering?

How do I stop stuttering? How? HOW?

It was one of the most frustrating questions of my life.

In this article, I am going to cover 3 things you must do to stop stuttering.

How can you stop stuttering? Here is the answer. Read More→

Overcome stuttering stay aways

STAY AWAY from these people!

If you want to achieve your ultimate goal and overcome stuttering, you MUST stay away from these people…especially in the beginning phases of your stuttering dissolution process.

Don’t give them the power to suck all your energy and motivation. Don’t let them shape your future and tell you what you can and cannot achieve in life.

Who am I talking about? Who are those people?

Let’s meet our dear friends “motivation suckers”. Read More→

how to stop stammering

Are you tired of looking for a solution to stop stammering? Do you feel like your life is going nowhere just because you haven’t been able to stop stammering?

You can give yourself a break, stop everything you’re doing right now and read this short article. You’ll find everything you need to know about how to stop stammering in this article.

I am going to explain you why most people fail in speech therapy but before that lets talk about our main topic. Read More→