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International Stuttering Awareness Day (Video Inside)


Hey guys,

Today is October 22, which is the…

International Stuttering Awareness Day (ISAD).

When I first thought about this day and what I should share with you, I thought…

What should I do? Should I give a report about how to deal with stuttering? or should I provide some tips on stuttering? or would showing you some techniques for a feared situation be a better idea? may be making a video for inner game strategies would be the best!?

Thoughts were everywhere… but I finally decided what to do.

I decided to do none of those. Because, this day is much more than a new speaking technique or a tip or strategy to manage your speech.

This day is about increasing the awareness of stuttering. However, I think we need to increase our awareness of stuttering before spreading it to the general public. Therefore, I want to save this post to the core of what this day is about…

This day is about being a person who has a stuttering challenge in life.

…and that’s why instead of giving you some tips, techniques or strategies, I decided to speak freely without worrying about my speech… especially considering the fact that I didn’t give myself the right to do so for years because of my stuttering!

I had always worried about my speech. I wanted to sound fluent. I didn’t want people to judge me by my speech. All I focused on was the way my speech came across. I had never considered what I really wanted to express and say… instead all I cared was “hiding the fact that I was a stutterer”.

I am a stutterer!

It took me years to admit that… even to myself.

I always resisted that fact since I believed stuttering was something which was making me pitiful, less than others and not enough.

There is no question that stuttering is a huge obstacle on our way to live the life we desire, but does it really worth the burden we have been carrying on our shoulders for all these years?

Is your reality really “THE REALITY”?

…or is it just wrong perceptions and limiting beliefs as a result of years of negative experiences?

What makes you think that stuttering makes you “less” or “not enough”? What makes you think that you cannot achieve anything in life because you have this big problem called stuttering?

This is true when it comes to overcoming stuttering as well, but since today is International Stuttering Awareness Day, I want to talk about all those beliefs surrounding stuttering in general.

Most of us let stuttering hijack our life. We give it the power to control EVERYTHING in our life. In fact, we sometimes live as a slave of our stuttering.

I can honestly tell you that you are a lot more valuable person than you might think. YES, even if you are the most severe stutterer in the history.

Most of us think that stuttering is the worst thing that can happen to us. We believe nothing can be worse. I remember, I used to wish I was mute. My hijacked brain was telling me that if I was mute, at least I wouldn’t have to speak at all, so I wouldn’t have to worry about stuttering. I know, pathetic 🙂

Sometimes we all need to realize that life is not as easy as we might think and letting stuttering take this great life from us is the worst thing a stutterer can do to himself/herself.

This might not make any sense to you right now, but stuttering is NOT a good enough reason not to live your life to the fullest.

Don’t let stuttering take control of you and your life, don’t let it ruin your future… because it doesn’t WORTH it.

Anything you can achieve as a “fluent” person, you can achieve as a stutterer. Remember that dreams are there to turn into goals, goals into action plans and action plans into realities!

All you need to do is not to give up… fight for your life and get rid of all the wrong perceptions and limiting beliefs you have around your stuttering.

I’d like to list 4 thoughts for you and then I’ll share a video with video. The video is not necessarily about stuttering, but I think there is a lot to learn from this video which I’m going to share with you in a minute.

So the list of 4 thoughts first…

1- Your problem is not as bad as you think.

2- No matter how big you think your problem is, you can succeed in life.

3- Your perceptions are not the reality!.. and you will never find out what the reality is until you actually face the real world and experience the reality!

4- You might have thousands of reasons to give up, but all it takes is one strong personality, clear mind and a definite action to change everything for better in life.

Very Important: I am not sharing this video with you because I see stuttering as a disability, not at all! In fact, unlike disabilities, I think stuttering is something we can overcome.

Anyways, overcoming stuttering is not the topic of the day and this video has nothing to do with it. But I think this video has a lot to teach us… and I hope it makes you think again when it comes to you, your stuttering and your goals and dreams in life.

I suggest you to watch this closely… and pay special attention to 7:56. That’s my favorite line in that video.

“It just makes everything you worry about so pathetic!”


Life is beautiful so enjoy it while you can. Do not let your stuttering take your life away from you. You deserve a lot better than living a life which is hijacked by your stuttering mindset!

Take care and happy International Stuttering Awareness Day 🙂

Your damn cool stutterer friend,


P.S: Leave a comment below and show the world that you are a damn cool stutterer too 🙂



Dear Chazzler,
Nice video.This video has a story of pain……but more than that a song of motivation…..
Thanks for sharing this video…..

your Friend,



Dear Chazzler,
Thank you for the nice video. Well what makes a human isn’t the size,body and outlook. As long as it is about intelligence, anyone can compete, challenge and overcome everything and stuttering is one of them.
I’m really happy that i am a stutterer, because it caused me understand and discover myself and realize very important things as others can’t.
Overcoming stuttering has been the most interesting challenge to me to prove myself…..Happy ISAD day.
All the best.
A proud stutterer
Liaqat Ali Farzad


guys, those were some GREAT comments!

Congratulations on being DAMN COOL STUTTERERS 🙂


Hello i am from argentina and i enjoy very much this video!i cant stop crying. I stutter since i was born and i have always been so sad because of that, even knowing that there are a lot of things worse than this, it is true that”It just makes everything you worry about so pathetic! Life is a big gift!and we have to enjoy everything.
we have much to say and is not how or the way we use, but the content. We just need more time to speak.
To everyone who live with this difficulty, you have to know that we are not alone. There are many people who feel like us and many professionals willing to help and give all their love. i do not feel so alone. i know that in every block, many feel and accompany me. we can communicate, sometimes without a fluent speech, but with heart.

i dont know if my english was great. i hope you understand.

thank you for this. it helped me so much!

clara sotelo, Buenos Aires-Argentina


clara, you couldn’t be more eloquent than this.. very well said..ohh and your english is great:)


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