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Stuttering Is A GIFT!.. Am I CRAZY or COOL To Say This?


The best GIFT ever… STUTTERING!

Yes! I, Chazzler DiCyprian, say “Stuttering is a cool GIFT which is presented to you by life!”

…And you probably already started to think that I am out of my mind. I can hear you saying “Hey dude, this Chazzler guy gone crazy”.

(Very special but weird note: To be honest, I actually kind of liked the saying “gone crazy”. It sounded like the TV show “Girls Gone Wild” and it reminded me my fun college years in USA)

I wish I didn’t make that last comment. Now, you will DEFINITELY think I am crazy…

Well… allow me a couple minutes of your time to talk about the “Stuttering is a cool gift” comment and then I’ll let you decide whether I am CRAZY… or COOL.

Stuttering? Gift? Crazy? Cool?… Confusing right? Not really!

One of my mentors used to say:

“Anything in life which gives you pain is a source of happiness and strength… you just need to learn how to use it for your advantage”

I remember, one day we were on the phone. I had a bad day and in a way I was expressing my negative feelings to him… like I was blaming him for every single problem stuttering were causing me in my life. No matter how hard I was trying, my speech and my life were going NOWHERE. I was very NEGATIVE, FRUSTRATED and HOPELESS.

Here is a short conversation from the phone call with my mentor…

Chazzler: I hate giving up, but I think it is time to be realistic.

My Mentor: What do you mean, Chazzler?

Chazzler: I am going to quit every single thing I do for my stuttering. I hate my speech and obviously I have to live with this pain all through my life… which I hope is not going to be too long because I can’t take this pain anymore. This is one hell of an EMOTIONAL PAIN. It affects my WHOLE LIFE. I HATE IT!

My Mentor: Feelings are illusions, Chazzler. They are the energy around you. You are the one who gives those energy flows a MEANING. Once a pain is NOT always a pain. If you have a big pain, that simply means you have a great chance to make a huge CHANGE in your life. Think about what it would be like to beat that pain.

Chazzler: Yeah, whatever. I don’t want to think about stuff which will NEVER happen. I want to get realistic and stop hoping I will achieve any of my speech goals. Enough already!

My Mentor: You are trying to beat that pain with “something” Chazzler… and that is so wrong! There is only one “thing” who can beat that pain, and that is YOU. You can only beat that pain by BECOMING a better, a more COMPLETE person who can beat any kind of pain life throws at you.

Chazzler: (kept silent)

My Mentor: We both know Jim Rohn and you listened his speech where he said “what is really valuable is not solving a problem, it is who you have BECOME to solve that problem”.

Chazzler: I know, but stuttering is not just a simple problem which can be solved.

My Mentor: I agree. I know how complex and tough it is… but imagine who you have to become in order to solve this issue… and now imagine what could you achieve in life if you can become that person. You don’t realize this but stuttering is a huge gift to you. Once you achieve your speaking goals regarding to stuttering you will realize that you have become a totally different person… a MUCH BETTER person! In order to achieve your speaking goals you need to become an overall better person! Stuttering is not a feature of you which you can change just by changing that specific feature. Stuttering is YOU, so you need to
change YOURSELF for better if you want to achieve PERMANENT RESULTS.

Chazzler: Great! Now it is not only about my speech but it is about who I am as a person. How cool! Congratulations, you just created me another huge problem… like I didn’t have enough.

My Mentor:

By the time it sounded nonsense to me… until I personally experienced it in my life.

You know how some sayings do not make any sense to you until YOU go through the experience in your own life?

That’s something which cannot be easily understood, it can only be FELT while going through the experience.

Today, I am at a point that I strongly believe that my stuttering was a gift to me.

If it wasn’t for my stuttering I would not have become the person I am today.

To achieve my speaking goals in life I had to IMPROVE myself in various areas, I had to acquire new SKILLS, I had to LEARN more, I had to look broader, I had to CHANGE, I had to study subjects which will serve me in life…and I had to shape and strengthen my BELIEF SYSTEMS and my MENTALITY to approach my speech and life in general.

If it wasn’t for my stuttering I would still be that person today. I wouldn’t have even bothered to improve myself and become a better person… and this is true not only for stuttering but for any emotional pain and challenge you experience in life.

I learned it the hard way and I know a bit too well that stuttering is a HUGE EMOTIONAL PAIN… not a very easy challenge to face!

But that means you can become a HUGE person with valuable SKILLS, strong CHARACTER and a concrete VISION and PURPOSE in life.

Now… saying “Stuttering is a gift”…


Let me hear it…

Thank you very much for the compliment 😉

…but more importantly think about what what you can do for YOURSELF at this point.

Let me give you a hint.

I did what NEEDED TO BE DONE. I had a specific goal in mind, I learned what needed to be learned, I improved myself in the areas I needed to, I grew as a person and not surprisingly I made it happen!

Don’t get me wrong though. I am still a stutterer… but a COOL one!

Do I still get very rare slight blocks here and there? Yes I may, but even if I do I can manage them easily on the spot.

Do I say what I WANT to say the WAY I want to say it in ANY situation? YES!

Do I live a life where stuttering plays NO NEGATIVE role at any point in my life? YES!

Do I do everything and anything I would do if I were a “non-stutterer”. YES!

Do I have powerful social skills which makes me a great friend who can COMMUNICATE deeply and effectively with people? YES!

Do I live a life where stuttering is not an obstacle on my way to live a CONFIDENT, SUCCESSFUL and FULFILLED life? YES!

Do I give public speeches to full room of people who PAY to LISTEN what I have to say? YES!

Do I care if I slightly stutter here and there rarely?

Do I go through all those negative emotions if I do get slight blocks?

Do I see myself LESS THAN others in case that happens?

Hell NO!

So, what would all these make me(or YOU if you reached/will reach that point)?

A crazy poor guy/girl?


Stuttering is a gift if you learn how to approach and overcome it.

It might be a pain in the beginning but it will worth it.

In order to overcome stuttering you need to become a better person… and in order to become a better person you need to work on yourself and on your skills to become a complete person which will not only lead you to achieve your speaking goals but also will lead you to create a NEW YOU for yourself and for your loved ones!

… and follow a life pathway where confidence, success and fulfillment will be waiting for you to enjoy this FUN GAME called LIFE.

Until next time, take care yourself… and keep it cool 😉

Wish you the best

Your friend,


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thank u friend i am very glad to share my feelings to u my dear friend and will u say some tips to get out of my fear


Like it !
Really a good one.
Gives me hope, hope to change myself because its not the stutter, its me, who need to change.



You’re welcome. If you are a member of Stuttering Dissolution newsletter you’ll receive a lot of articles, videos and audios which will cover tips, tools, techniques, strategies and a lot more on stuttering and how to dissolve your fear. It’s free so if you haven’t done so feel free to join.

Great comment faisal.. glad you found some good value in the article.


Excellent words Mr. Chazzler. Very truly said. After having cured my stutter(almost) after 8 long years, i do feel it was a gift. The joy I feel now while speaking wouldn’t have been there if I was a non-stutter.


Hi Faisal,where are you come from?are u from Malaysia?…….erm i would like to comment about this,…yes i agree with this & i actually ever feel that way before but sometimes with lots of problems i face in my work place, my marrige, made my spirit to improve my life reduced….how can i corrected my mind about this hopeless feelings & what are the things can be the booster for me to improve my life?….


@Miran: well said..we didn’t choose to be stutterers, but we need to be aware of the fact that everybody has their own flaws. The fine line between success and failure is “how we use this flaw for our advantage and change everything for better”.

@secrets: I can totally relate with what you said. However, ask yourself:
Are you playing this game called life to win or not to lose?
There is hope! Do you think I’d put all this energy,time and money to put Stuttering Dissolution together to be able to help others all around the world if I really believed that there is no hope. There is hope and a lot of stutterers are already enjoying it. An overnight cure is not possible, but if you learn how to overcome stuttering the right way you can reach a point where stuttering would not be an issue in your life anymore. Hope this answered your question in an indirect way;)


thank you Chazzler…..


ya be strong….be good…go go…together we fly higher….


🙂 well said “secrets”.


very nice article.. few times i feel very shame (which i should not be) on my stammering, when i class, in crowd, i have a lot of questions in my mind but i couldn’t ask…. your article gave me courage to improve my self not my stammering 🙂 ….. and i always say “i can, i will”…

Thank you


Zeshan, what a great way to finish your comment! very well said;)


Wow! What a great read this was, thank You Chazzler. I thought I was the only one who stuttering was a gift before I googled it. This article just said it all.

Stuttering has shown me the courage I have within me, it has helped me improve me. It could be very painful psychologically, even physically when you begin to jerk and hit yourself, and many more. But like Chazzler quoted ” anything in life which gives you pain is a source of happinness and strength, if you learn to use it for ur advantage”. Stuttering has no cure because it isn’t a problem, it as a part of you, a wake up call. You don’t cure it, you learn to control it or it could bring pain(a curse).

To others out here, with this gift/curse, hang in there. Stuttering could mean you speak with great energy, as you speak for things you truly believe, you gain deep consciousness, you learn to Connect with people (amongst others )on a deeper level, you learn to face your fears. E.t.c.

All the cool benefits can be yours just be patient and leant to control it.

FYI: I still stutter, sometimes a lot, but I’m at peace with it now, as I can control it enough when I need to and my speech are of a place of passion and truth and so my words reach and affect people better than most.


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